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CNC Zero Hour

Excal vs Tupac

#1bliNd-  Apr 22 2005, 02:19 AM -
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GG IMO, dunno' really what to say, just watch it tongue.gif. Review pease. smile.gif

Download Shoutcast Here!
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#2Nafrece  Apr 22 2005, 02:37 AM -
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#3Locos  Apr 22 2005, 03:57 AM -
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Very nice game between both players i just love the fast helix strats and the tactical nuke migs at the end of the game. I think that OOE Phoenix much better and used his migs to the best of his advantage. The worst part of his game was his economy which tupac had plenty of taking over the middle in the beginning of the game and later using the middle for all of his supplies which helped out produce phoenix probably 3 to 1 in tanks. phoenix also had very good use of his lotus which most people do not use like her scouting abilities which almost led Tupac to have all kinds of money and no dozers or warfaxs to compete with Phoenix and his defensive play. I think this is diffently replay of the week contender because of the game going back in forth till the very end well played by both sides. I hope to see more replays of these guys going head to head in the near future. Great Game 8.5/10......... btw nice boxing and bunker early game phoenix i would like to see u play with GLA....
#4dustman  Apr 22 2005, 06:56 AM -
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hehe awesome rep.... thought for sure excal had won in the end and suddently tables just turned...
thx for posting i enjoyed watching
#5Zeed  Apr 22 2005, 07:52 AM -
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A nice game, i found it funny how both of them did the exact same thing in the same time. ( Nuke silo, helix, migs, etc..).

While excal played IMO better by staying back and using his lotus well, Tupac mainly won as he out resourced excal ( having the supplies in the middle).

Never the less it shows how one can win in the tightest of situations.
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#6worry  Apr 22 2005, 08:13 AM -
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nice game smile.gif
#7^General  Apr 22 2005, 12:13 PM -
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Now nuke mirrors arent every ones cup of tea, but imo this is a fantastic game from a tactical and play point of view.

Here we can see the advantage and disadvantage of differnet strats. Blind went middle, which is great for late game as u can get the resources but is harder early game as u have to watch your flanks, whereas excal went for a safer BO but made it hard for him late game. If u had changed your BO slightly u could have countered him perfectly. Instead of goin BMs on the flanks, u could have built bunkers, and u could have gone gats from your wf as u had teh middle bunkered too. It works well a lot of the time, especially if they go helix.

There is loads to learn from this game if u want some better ideas of how to play nuke mirror. Nuke cannons are ESSENTIAL imo if it turns into an overlord war, if u use them, and your opponant doesnt it gives u a huge advantage. Even just using one does so much damage. They can kill a gat or ecm in one plus they take loads of health of an overlord and if u get teh double shot bug tehy can almost kill an overlord, plus they can often make your opponent suicide their helix to try and kill it.

We saw some good lotus use here too, taking oils quickly, and blind used her to get both which is the best thing to do. Excal screwed blind with his lotus use, he took his nuke and his command center and then killed the dozers, but he had to take his time over it and not rush it or it wouldnt have worked.

Nuke migs were a nice addition as u dont see them often. I think they were used better by excal overall.

There was good helix micro as well in this game, only one time did one of them mess it up and lose the helix to one gat i think.

A lot of the mid game wasnt too exciting but the end was great imo. Blind lost his nuke, cc and dozer and i thought the game was lost for him then. But his economy was much better than excals and at this point he played great. He took down excals nuke migs as best he could, and used some great micro here. The nuke migs killed the gats, the helix killed the overlords and the overlrods killed some more gats coming from the side, which wiped out excals remaining forces. Would have been good to see lotus taking the cc at this point instead of the wf, as i knew the carpet would come, luckily u had already done the damage and the helix finished him off.

Overall a great game to learn from with lots of units used really well, even if some parts were not so exciting, and imo this is an elite replay.
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#8Nafrece  Apr 22 2005, 12:31 PM -
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I agree with ^General 100%. I told same points to Blind in msn and I said he should definitely post that replay.

Imo top consideration.
#9Zeed  Apr 22 2005, 13:00 PM -
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I dont think its Top smile.gif . Mid game was practically just teching up and sitting around.
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#10firgli  Apr 22 2005, 14:48 PM -
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i think this is 1 of the best nuke mirrors ive ever seen nice lotus use and pwnage helix in the end biggrin.gif
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