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CNC Zero Hour

[R] Apex vs xFactor9

#21xFactor  Mar 6 2008, 06:04 AM -
Glad you enjoyed it [N-]jaMeSBoNd.
#22[OoE]MiRaGE  Mar 6 2008, 07:41 AM -
Agreed, it wasn't a great game. Decent play at times, poor at others..as can happen in a tense game, but as the 5th best player in the world stated, there was alot of uncertainty there and generally it was just an "ok" game!
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#23KairiN  Mar 6 2008, 18:45 PM -
great 1v1 game
some mistakes but well played
#24jims cafe  May 5 2008, 11:47 AM -
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Nice game, some good play, thank you for posting the replay. Some mistakes of course in a game of thins length, but overall some good play.

#25PoInT_zErO  May 5 2008, 15:33 PM -
Why is everyone doing such MASSIVE BUMPS!

Look at the time stamps ffs.

Mar 6 2008, 11:45 AM

Stop bumping topics. This is a warning to all members.
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#26HaWkY^  May 5 2008, 18:39 PM -
so if i went to last page and bumped it your wouldnt like it?
#27PoInT_zErO  May 5 2008, 19:36 PM -
#28-Darth^  May 5 2008, 20:49 PM -
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yea.. xcept he wouldn't have a chance to do anything to you coz i would be 100x times faster... tongue.gif no bumping in games i did review !!!!

ill close this one just to be sure no1 will start a discushun about bumping old threads
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