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[R] Apex vs xFactor9

#1xFactor  Feb 29 2008, 05:56 AM -
The longest 1v1 I have ever participated in. This is professional game play, camping, and laming at Its best.

#2UNr34L  Feb 29 2008, 06:25 AM -
Replays: 40 Game:
realy great game tbh...some basic mistakes like late ap bulets from xfactor and late countermeasures from apex but overall game was amazing,kind of big though tongue.gif
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#3-Darth^  Feb 29 2008, 10:45 AM -
Replays: 129 Game:
i'll review
#4-Darth^  Feb 29 2008, 12:43 PM -
Replays: 129 Game:
Review by *DD^Darth
Match Overview

Nice Airforce vs Toxin game, where Toxin was unsuccessful with dozer-hunting, so he let the Airforce player to use his GenPowers later on. There wasn't many floating, the GLA player floated around 5,5k at one point. The lack of upgrades on quads made GLA struggle against Airforce's commanches. There was also some very poor / good GenPower usage, along with some good micro, eg. evading CarpetBombs/LeafletDrops. The game was very entertaining for me, and there weren't many mistakes from both players, i rate it 6/10

PoW|RedCHINA [Airforce]

You started with the RockVee strat, followed by Strategy Center, which you lost to some good TechTerror action. You manage to preserve your Dozer which is nice to see, so you could unleash your devastating GenPowers and your airborne units. I really liked the way you utilized PDL of your Chinooks at some point. However, there were some problems with your GenPowers placement, like letting Specter fire at ground, instead of another Market. Due to lack of upgrades on your enemy's Quads, you were able somehow control the game, and damage him with your GenPowers and sneaky Commanche attacks. I didn't like how you did place your Strategy center, when you needed to rebuild it after his Quads killed it, it was too opened place, with absolutely no defense there. However, he never attacked there blink.gif .
You also had some very big clusters of DropZones around the Strategy Center and if he would have fired his ScudStrom there, he could make huge damage to your economy. You also did well using the "Darkbusta" wub.gif to pop out&kill units inside his tunnel.

Nice play with not that many mistakes, 5,5/10

    Tips for Improvement
  • Place your GenPowers better
  • Don't make large clusters of buildings, Superweapons might do huge amounts of damage to your base if you do.
  • Make a firebase on the flank, when you want to place your DropZones/StratCenter there.

`Sv|Kamel [Toxin]

You failed to Dozerhunt your opponent and instead of harrasing him, while he was teching up, you rather took-over supplies in the middle and went for oilgrab. You manage get both the oils and also TechTerror his Strategy Center, but you could have killed his dozer with that extra terrorist. You also didn't harass his Chinooks at all and your didn't upgrade your Quads untill it was too late for you, i also missed Radar Scan upgrade, so you could reveal the stealthed Manches. I like the all-game attemps to get a flanking tunnels and also the Market-placement, so he couldnt Carpetomb two markets at one time. Your ScudStorm-shot placement was very poor, but you placed your ambushes often very well, killing all / most of his vees. You also used your Sneak Attack to detect his Comannches. But the lack of the upgrades helped USA countered your attemps to get in his base.

Nice gameplay with few bigger mistakes, but still entertaining see, wort a 5/10

    Tips for Improvement
  • Upgrade to AP Bullets if you're facing Commanches
  • Get Radar Van Scan to get an idea how your enemy's base looks, so you can place your SW better
  • Try to hunt USA/China for dozers more
  • Harass his supplies and try to keep pressure at your opponent early game
  • Build some defenses at the flanks and between Markets to avoid some Commanches killing them with ease

#5Star Ocean  Feb 29 2008, 16:31 PM -
Will watch but i know Apex will not stand up to the legend xFactor9 thumb.gif
#6ExPo`  Feb 29 2008, 16:46 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
This game could've easily gone the other way around, sloppy vee micro at times, kept it so close early on. I do think that your rating was a bit low Darth. Maybe take a look at the replay ratings of other reviewers to better help you get a general idea of how to rate games. This game was probably around a 6 or a bit higher for skill wise, and the level of entertainment should get at least a 7 or 7.5 smile.gif
#7-Darth^  Feb 29 2008, 19:12 PM -
Replays: 129 Game:
hehe.. we should rate it as.. perfect micro that perfectly turned the game in favor of usa is.. 6 .. and if it was with mistakes so the game was undecided till the very end results in higher rating? :\

as i sayd, i've read lots of reviews and i still read all the reviews u post and i also lack the experience (not for long i hope blink.gif ) but this seems odd to me
#8UNr34L  Feb 29 2008, 22:33 PM -
Replays: 40 Game:
its far more worth than a 5 wacko.gif
at least 7 tbh.
#9ChrisLeBlanc  Feb 29 2008, 22:47 PM -
Darth, click "rate it" at the top, so that it counts towards you for the end of the month and puts the [R] in front.
#10l2aider  Feb 29 2008, 23:24 PM -
QUOTE(Fusion. @ Feb 29 2008, 16:47 PM) *

Darth, click "rate it" at the top, so that it counts towards you for the end of the month and puts the [R] in front.

ohmy.gif some1 forgot to read their pm thoroughly wink.gif
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