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CNC Zero Hour

Comeback v2.

#1`Azo  Nov 29 2019, 19:02 PM -
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#2Leikeze  Dec 4 2019, 16:55 PM -
After going for a standard Inf Build Order with well placed supplies, you sent a few scouting troops to the top of your base, doing a top 10 best TI moves by placing a bunker at your front entrance instead of in your base; This is a good choice because it assures you that he can't just drive in an harass, which is the case when you place the bunkers at your baseline (buildings).

George on, the other hand, decided it was the best course of action to start the game with a kept CC and a dozer trade for some of Gianna_Michael's Hijacker brand Licorice Candy. It definitely was not a well thought out trade, because it led to her getting Power. The follow-up to the hijacking was a classic RPG tech that came flying in through the top, smashing a poor Red Guard that had been innocently pacing those grounds. Thankfully for George it made like most RPG techs, throwing itself into the mines on the left-supply, which should have been assumed. In the meantime you were destroying the tunnel in his base, although missing the worker on the bridge between your bases, which George found.

You drove a fateful drive up into Gianna's base with your Outpost, getting some intel, but losing the whole thing to a tunnel and RPG's; George followed with a frontal assault of Gianna's base, which failed to achieve anything significant as Terminator came swooping in with his Humvees to stop it, most effectively done, although he lost one without good reason to a dragon flame wall.

You followed up on the attacking action by send a Troop Crawler & Outpost up into Termi's base, sadly, you didn't finish off the only significant bit of damage that could have been easily achieved, destroying his Power plant. Nonetheless, you cleverly reminded yourself that MiGs are quicker than the eye, or rather, a strong counter to Vees. So you invested in them after the wastefulness of ineffective infantry ground units; George didn't seem to get the memo, and when the attack came from Termi to your frontal bunker, there was only a single sad solitary sap Tank Hunter inside, which was not nearly enough to hold off the force that was pressing its way in.

For some reason the attack wasn't able to do any significant damage to you, and, with George's help, you repulsed it well. Perhaps it was your sneaky Lotus in the back of his base? I don't know why he'd be paying attention to her, as she was on her way to the grave yard, having been spotted, but stranger things have happened.

Having yourself a big MiG army up and flying around the map you were able to strike enough fear into your opponents hearts to stop them from doing any further harassing attacks; They instead bunkered up for the late game to come. George took advantage of this newfound safety to move his way ever further into Gianna's base, burning down defenses along the way, most effectively due to Gianna's one bad pop that led to her whole army going down, but the advance was soon stopped when two teenage hijackers on their dirtbikes came over to put an end to the inferno cannon fun. In the meantime Termi had decided to come down into your base with the win in his eye. Breaking through your misplaced defenses and driving straight over to your Airfield, destroying it. Then proceeding to eat your base, bit by bit, until there was little left behind, just a Command Center by the oils, before he set his eyes on George, who was still in pursuit of Gianna, finally destroying her Power with his bomber.

After some skirting around and carnage across bases, George was able to clean up the last of the Vees in his base, while you made some good progress in the base of Termi, thanks to his mind being preoccupied with the offensive Vees. After they had cleaned up your force of mini-gunners, Kindman George dropped some mines in your top entrance to protect you from any harassment through there.

But Termi reacted with his A-10 Strike, that destroyed George's Airfield & WF; You tried your best to stop the strike with your MiGs, but to no avail. It takes more than three MiG hits to stop an A-10 Strick (it's something like 5). The immediate following action was a ground offensive against Gianna by George, followed by a MiG strike, again by George, on Termi's Vees, the latter attack being ineffective.

A bit of quiet ensued after George's ground army was destroyed in the base of Gianna, then George destroyed Gianna's oils with Artillery and MiGs. Termi tried to attack you as well, but couldn't get through the mines, losing a few Vees in the process. He was not deterred. Regrouping, he drove down the middle, stopping your Troop Crawler drop, avoiding both mine-drops of yours, stopping a bomber, moving on into George's base, and using his A-10 Strike on your oils (which didn't work and he should have know if would, seeing the position of his CC & Yours).

Things were looking grim, as cash had run out for George, and yours was limited. Gianna had come down to help Termi's army with a battle bus, but George burned that thing up with his MiGs the first chance he got; But it didn't stop Termi from decimating George's base as he went along. No, not that, the only thing that stopped his focus was the sneaky Helix attack behind his base, which you brought around in the nick of time, although, you didn't unload one of the Helix, which was sad; Unloading wasn't the best idea anyhow. What you should have done with those is skirt around the top of the bases, attacking when they aren't paying attention. This way you could have destroyed Termi's final source of income and perhaps his WF at some point.

You guys both made nice strikes on the Vees of Termi, George in Termi's own base, costing himself a MiG or two, and you in George's base, costing yourself two, but getting the Vees thinned out. George lost his CC then, and without Dozers, or any money from selling his other buildings (which he should have done), he was left with only a full airfield. You destroyed Termi's only SDZ in the meantime. Then Termi can into your base and had to put up with a poorly timed MiG strike that did nothing to stop him, only wasted MiGs, but we know how things go in desperate games like this. All of a sudden Termi decided to run into the mines around George's airfield, and then get bombed, allowing you guys to stay in it without that threat anymore, as Termi's bank account had dried up.

So it was down to a battle of the Powers. Gianna used her annoying Ambush to cause some frustration, but no significant damage. However, Termi's A-10's were felt when they destroyed your airfield. Thankfully George, that valiant fighter, surrendered to give you his airfield. You proceeded to lose your MiGs to Termi's Avenger, which had been sitting there all the while, ominously awaiting the landing; That thing should have been destroyed a lot earlier, and never should have destroyed a single MiG.

Having ~16 (?) hackers and both of your oils, you were leagues ahead of your opponents in terms of income by the late-late game. But this was small beans after you had used big bad super Lotus to start forcing Termi to sell buildings and get nervous. Then the Dozer hunt sealed the fate of Termi in this game. Nonetheless, they made a big assault against your base, doing lots of damage, hurting you income a lot thanks to a Pathfinder running amok in your base, he eventually was run into a mine-field, terminating the final thing Termi had in this game to use against you; Or was it? - Well, it turns out it wasn't, as he dropped his rangers into your base, capturing the oils, and making a small comeback before you captured his Barrack (nice one).

Gianna just couldn't get her attacks to work and for the rest of the game, nothing was done that could stop your attacking there bases, leading to a quick ending.
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