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CNC Zero Hour

Dedicated to BoWzER xD

#1`Azo  Nov 29 2019, 19:15 PM -
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Carpet named by BROWZER LOL!!!
#2Leikeze  Dec 10 2019, 01:30 AM -

It was less the carpet and more the way your team collectively eliminated their ability to make momentum in this game. At no point did they have a secure path to victory, only managing to harass the weakest of the bases, still not harnessing significant damage to the overall team-base composition you had present around the map, albeit they had a more secured middle.

The most common thing to experience when getting air in any game is the euphoria of being able to constantly be attacking, with little downtime to get depressed about. It's objectively more fun to be the Air player. biggrin.gif
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