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CNC Zero Hour

[R]1 v 2 (GLA) vs USA sw & GLA

#1drthrax109  Aug 1 2018, 15:52 PM -
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One hell of a long battle
#2Leikeze  Aug 4 2018, 00:42 AM -
dhelous(Air) & DrThrax109(GLA) vs Luvas(Stealth) & JzMommyBoy(SW)

All of these players could use a bit of mentoring, or should at least read some topics in the strategy forums.

Comments on Team 1:
  • dhelous: Disconnecting is not a good way to help your teammate.
  • DrThrax109: Build 5 Workers, then sell your Command Center, use the Workers to build a supply stash at each of the 4 supply areas that are yours, since your teammate left, along with a barrack at the top base & bottom base. Don't build an Arms Dealer at first, just spam loads and loads of Tunnels to defend your bases, until you capture all 4 oils, then you can build 4 Arms Dealers, and your Palace, and spam like mad to win.
  • Sell your Command Center after getting at least 5 Workers from it, then take both your supplies, along with sending a sneaky worker into one or both of your opponents bases to build a stealth tunnel(you can use this/these later on).
  • Take all your sources of income. You can then build your Palace ASAP, and go for the long game, or build two Arms Dealers(I'd do the latter). With the Palace you just make Markets and wait for your opponents to fight it out. If you went for the Arms Dealers, you just spam Quads endlessly, which you will be popping out of that/those stealth tunnels you'd build in your opponents base(s) in the beginning, along with a few workers to build more tunnels. You can easily figure out what to do from that point.
  • Sell your Command Center after getting your 2nd Dozer, then take both supplies after your power plant is finished building(using 2 supply centers), then build your War Factory & Barracks; Proceed to capture your oils, whilst using Hellfire drone Humvees to defend your base.
  • Try to get your Strategy Center as soon as possible, then expand your map control from that point on. Especially the base to your left, as it will be the most vulnerable early on. From that point forward, it is all about building Supply Drop Zones, TOW missile Humvees, and Tomahawk Missile Launchers.
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