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CNC Zero Hour

[R] Finally back from the ashes - USA Mirror 4 Life

Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
#1Phoenix-  Aug 17 2017, 21:01 PM -
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Very entertaining game
#2Leikeze  Aug 19 2017, 16:55 PM -
vladyk97(Laser) vs -Phoenix|-(USA) on TDNoBugsCars

Here is a medium-length USA mirror between two players of near the same skill level(replay as evidence). It involves some action, but a lot of it is wasteful. Many things could have been done differently and some micro training would have made this game a lot more fun to watch with action taking place more often and for longer between engagements.

Comments on vladyk97:
  • You've got to be prepared for drops like those; Just having two Rangers by a supply is enough to deter a drop in most cases.
  • You must pay a lot of attention to your Chinooks when there are MD's in your base, as not to lose any of them, because replacing something worth $1,200 so early in the game is always a set-back.
  • You must take oils on TD, or at least your own oil, because it is a very good boost, also, having two supplies to begin with should have made this easier for you to achieve early on.
  • Never leave your Humvees in range of your opponents MD's, it will always be a very bad mistake.
  • If you wanted the Dozer Hunt on him right when he finished his 2nd supply you should have just bought a Hellfire drone for your Humvee, then you'd have gotten it(since you didn't have TOW Missile).
  • Late S&D.
  • Nice to see you added some Flash Bang Rangers into your Humvees for the middle; You should have destroyed his oil much earlier in this game, but taking it was a good move as well.
  • Overall: You need to work on your ideas about when, where, and what to attack, as well as getting your oil & Strategy Center quicker, and lastly, you must remember to always keep harassment on the sides, while not wasting the units you send to do the job.

Comments on -Phoenix|-:
  • Nice quick drop; You should drop two MD's at the right supply and one MD at the left supply, so you can harass both at one(sometimes enough to make it an easy win).
  • Good job taking the oil, and early on.
  • Don't even engage a single invading Humvee in your base with your own, just drop two MD's and LL it, and if it drive away just go after it and do the same thing; It would also have been profitable for you at that point in the game(2:55) to protect your base with one Humvee and MD's while the other one drove up the left-side(obviously undefended side).
  • You really shouldn't have wasted your Humvee going up to the right side oil when its health-bar was at half, seeing how he wasn't capping the oil, and had a Humvee coming for it; Just driving it back down toward your base until it was repaired then going back up to harass with it at the same time your two Humvees were going up the left side would have been better.
  • Losing two Humvees to one Humvee is really embarrassing, just go around your buildings with one and chase with the other, then drop so you don't lose either of them(if your micro can hold the line).
  • Late S&D.
  • Good use of Tomahawks to defend your base, and then going aggressively up to his with them and your Humvees; Along with taking the middle money.
  • Overall: Just play a bit smoother; Drop faster, LL faster, etc; And keep up with the side harassing.

I will give this replay a 4.9/10 for my entertainment.
#3Phoenix-  Aug 19 2017, 20:08 PM -
Replays: 304 Game:
Thank you Leik for your efforts and time to guide others. It is very much appreciated. Thumbs up!
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