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[R] Decent Demo vs GLA V - 4 Scuds against nothing.

#1Phoenix-  Nov 28 2018, 22:17 PM -
Replays: 305 Game:
#2Leikeze  Nov 29 2018, 22:47 PM -
-ClouD` (Demo) vs R3n3gad3 (GLA) on Lagoon (trash v2 version)

"Beginning with one player consistently ahead of the other, the game takes a turn for the worst, when the advantaged players makes a series of misguided taps against the lead domino, and so they fell as one might imagine."

4/10, for my entertainment. Spoilers added to hide major nitpicking.

  • Your start was fun to watch, as you went about with your two workers, one to the right, and the other to the left. Setting down a Demo Trap on the right to stop his tunnel there, and a moment later setting on down in the midst of his workers collecting from his left-supply, blowing them all away. It's always a pleasant surprise when somebody gets away with things like that.
  • Sadly, you lost your first Tech to his tunnel in the left-middle town. It may be a nitpick, but it looked like you had seen him building a tunnel there(it was for a second, but you still could have known it was there), with your worker. You also could have just driven it to the right, as opposed to turning it around, as this would have saved it as well. Not that losing it was of the greatest consequence, but having that first technical able to do a bit of harassing could have made some difference in the outcome of this game.
  • Your response to his TT was good, in the sense that you knew it was a better idea to turn back and save your $2,500, very slow to rebuild Arms Dealer, than to go through with your own TT against his. Stowing away your Terrorists in the tower to distract him for a few seconds was a smart move as well; Using them to stall his collection from that supply & deny his tunnel there payed off those three ill-fated men. Not to mention you denied the scrap pile left from your Tech that was carrying them. However, it is around this time that I noticed you weren't expanding your map control through tunnels, which was a bad thing to see, because he was already expanded and taking a 3rd supply on the left(which you had seen). This meant that you were already running behind in the ECO race. You had a worker standing on the hill, against the right side of the map, playing on his phone for quite a while, instead of building a tunnel there, or a bit farther up.
  • You made him appear as though he had no micro when you made short work of his small band of Technicals & RPG's that he had beside your main supply AD. But then you went up the right side to TT his main supply which was partially denied(you only got to blow up his workers). Now, that situation would have been difficult to avoid, but you could have done two different things in order to achieve the same end that you intended for; 1. You could have approached his main supply from a different angle, i.e. you could have gone at it from around the top, or you could have avoided the tunnel by going below it, and around the AD, or 2. you could have opted to ram the TT in between his two tunnels defending his supply in the right-middle, by unloading the Terrorists as soon as your Technical go close enough; Had you done 2., and were successful in doing so, you could have: 1. destroyed the tunnels defending his supply, allowing you to destroy the supply safely, giving you the opportunity to try and secure it for yourself, and 2. you could have blown up any units he may have popped out of the tunnels. (hīˌpə-thĕtˈĭ-kəl) Nonetheless, you did damage to his main supply, then managed to destroy his aforementioned supply, however, it was done at a bit more cost to yourself, even if he did lose more than you did, because he still had those tunnels for you to deal with.
  • Having to destroy the tunnel on the left-side was a shame, but he would have done the same had you taken it from him then, or had you done so before. I'm not sure why you went to attack his bunker after destroying the oil, because you could have lost a Quad or two, had he popped as soon as he saw your army coming. Also, a rule of thumb when destroying civilian/tech buildings is to place a scaffold down on them to get rid of the debris, this way your units don't get stuck on them.
  • I liked the scouting Quad that hunted the worker that was building his Palace, even it if did cost you $750 to kill a $200 worker to stop his Palace from finishing for 37 seconds. What I didn't like, would be the attack you made at the same time, in which you lost your whole army, and didn't destroy a single tunnel. Managing to kill only 7 RPG troopers by clearing buildings with your tractor. You traded $4,550(composed of 2 Quad Cannons+1 with 1x scrap+1 with 2x scrap & 3*chevrons[heroic], 1 toxin tractor, & 3 RPG Troopers) for $2,100 of RPG Troopers. That was a poor trade, as you gained nothing from it, and lost much because of it.
  • Those Demo Traps you placed in line with your tunnels up the right side were helpful, but they couldn't stop that TT he sent to destroy your two remaining tunnels up that side, which just so happened to be the last of your map control. Ironically, he did what I had thought your would try to do at some points in this game. Trying to defend the holes of those tunnels was fruitless, as was trying to harass his top-left supply with your Technical, because, by that point, losing a few workers had become inconsequential for him..
  • By the time he had Buggies & Buses on the field, not many would have blamed you for feeling discouraged, or wanting to quit out when you saw the first SCUD Storm pop up, however, you made a fabulous effort in the late game, pushing back against his attacks. Exploiting his choice to spam SCUD Storms instead of an army. Getting yourself right up into his base, and destroying his first SCUD(just after it launched), then holding on to the position you'd secured with your bus(in bunker form), by dropping your sneak attack just beside it, after clearing the right-middle behind it. Really, it was a nice comeback.

  • Gee, what an open, and hard to defend BO you did. Had he been able to harass your base early on, it would have been over for you. Good thing you were able to slow him down with that TT on his AD.
  • Your awareness was lacking in this game; You started off by losing workers to workers, then more workers, and an RPG to his Terrorists he'd left in a tower, then you left him have a Worker up on the hill(against the right of the map), despite having seen him there for a while.
  • Your follow-up attack at his main supply was not a good idea, or in better words, a waste of $2,100 for nothing. You didn't even run over his workers at the supply. You just left him blow up your units. You could have: Sent the first of the three techs to run over the workers at his main supply sent the second of the three to scout his left-supply(and run down the workers there, along with killing the Terrorists you would have found), and using the last of the three to continue harassing the supplies with one of the former. In doing this, you would have done him some detriment, in the form of dead workers/terrorists. For 6 dead workers(the amount collecting from his right supply), you'd have cost his $1,000, add 4 or 5 from the left supply, and you've got $1,800-$2,000, and add on 1-4 terrorists, and you've got a possible $2,800 loss for him, and you wouldn't have to lose more than 2 techs($1,000). This would have been a much better idea, and such things should always be considered over using three techs & two RPG's to assault an Arms Dealer.
  • Good thing you popped when you did at your main supply, a 4th of a second later would have been too late. You managed to spot that coming, but didn't appear to have time to spot the tunnel he'd built on that hill till he popped from it, or on a different note, that you were only collecting with a single worker in the left-middle, and had a tunnel scaffold standing unfinished over there. The thing that makes me wonder about that, is the way you knew to deny his tunnel scaffold by the oil on his side, but didn't notice anything else in that area before that.
  • When you see a single Quad in your base, killing the worker that was hard spent building your Palace, you should consider popping two Scorpions, or just enough to destroy it easily, as not to go overkill, because this will allow you to retain the most of your army in your tunnel network. Had you done so, you would have been able to pop when he went to attack the left-middle, saving the 7 RPG troopers from the toxin tractors spray, and ultimately enabling yourself to lose nothing, while still destroying his whole army.
  • Using a TT to destroy aggressive tunnels, nicely done. However, you had a tunnel just to the far-left of his tunnel-holes, yet you made the ill-fated decision to pop from a tunnel by your main-supply instead. This cost you two Scorpions.
  • By the time you'd secured the map, had all the supplies to yourself, and had Markets going up to supply funds for the spam of your choice, you decided to invest everything into SCUD Storms. That was not the best course of action. You should have invested all of it into increased tunnel-to-bus spammage, more markets, more Arms Dealers, and a steady stream of aggression against his base, until you'd whittled him away. By investing so heavily into SCUD Storms, you exhausted your army too quickly, as you no longer had a consistent production line in place. Because of this, and the fact that you lost so many units trying to attack him without getting closer to his base with tunnels first, he was able to push back, hard.
  • For a nitpick: Why didn't you rotate the majority of your tunnels?

Also, always remember to change the name of your replays before uploading them, if they are 0000000.rep, because it's helpful. Just look at the name of this replay. smile.gif
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#3Phoenix-  Nov 29 2018, 23:23 PM -
Replays: 305 Game:
Awesome, really appreciated. Will try to cover some points.
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