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CNC Zero Hour

[R] check this replay out baby - domi vs firelord

#1-DoMiNaToR-  Jun 19 2021, 21:28 PM -
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check this out baby
#2FireLorD`  Jun 19 2021, 21:30 PM -
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wp too much warzone tongue.gif
#3-M00NKN1GHT^  Jun 19 2021, 23:22 PM -

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laugh.gif funny game wp both except firenoob tongue.gif wubbed
#4Mp3  Jun 20 2021, 03:20 AM -

The reaction on stream is why I'm giving it a fat wUb! Incredible. biggrin.gif

Speaking of the stream; you can watch it here: (timestamp 5:08:20)

#5iDErikas  Jun 20 2021, 12:24 PM -
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I watched this on stream. Oh wow I couldn't stop laughing! Very entertaining!
#6Herb  Jun 20 2021, 14:25 PM -
Replay Review by Herb

Skill rating: 8.5/10. A good USA mirror here with solid builds and not too many mistakes from either player.

Entertainment rating: 9/10. A very close game with a unique ending and many back and forths in between.

-SpeeD` (Firelord)

IPB Image

A good opening vs superweapon, however your build did not have a good counter for the drop and you lost 1 vee for nothing to it. Either make a couple of rangers into this build or wait until you have at least 2 vees before engaging the drop, or ideally 3. You got 2 oils up though which was nice and you stabilised

Your vee count was being reset a lot which made you quite susceptible to drops and this in the end was your undoing. It was probably best to camp a bit with vees / flashbangs and get tow missile up until you could engage some of his drops

You lost a dozer at the top for pretty much nothing I would say, but it was hard because he was dropping in random places

I can't give too many tips though as this was a very fast paced game and it's more about making split second decisions which I think you did quite well

Those 2 rangers at the end were ownage!

WP Chris and GG, unlucky you didn't manage the win here was very close!


IPB Image

Good solid start and your drop worked nicely vs his oil grab and fast vee build, delaying his main for a long time while your eco was better

Might have been better to go and deny the oil with the dozer on the right first as you did have vision that he was going oil grab

Good map vision early on, you could see where his vee attacks were coming from

Laserlocks and speed were on point

If you had have kept a bit better care of your dozers, the game probably would have been yours without too much effort

Those chinooks do so much damage though LOL. WP!
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#7Madara  Jun 20 2021, 15:20 PM -
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QUOTE(FireLorD` @ Yesterday, 21:30 PM)
wp too much warzone tongue.gif

#8iDErikas  Jun 22 2021, 01:19 AM -
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QUOTE(Madara @ Jun 20 2021, 17:20 PM)


A bit harsh
#9Phoenix-  Jun 22 2021, 06:43 AM -

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The reaction alone is worth a wub.
#10ZoRo(ARM).  Nov 12 2021, 19:22 PM -
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nice action
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