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[OoE] vs -MaFiA|

#21Cesaro  Jun 13 2006, 17:12 PM -
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I know USAF comfortably bashes Demo, but two Demos that have complete map control, outresource Blind's one-supply and in the hands of decent GLA players like Girlz and Dackel.

Why I think it deserves legendary. ^^
#22keisko  Jun 13 2006, 21:16 PM -
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Tons of Quads + troops VS 6 comanches + Raptors + GENS ... What a game.. RATING OF THE YEAR LOL..
What a elite game.. Just lol
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#23I AM SUPER COOL LOL  Jun 14 2006, 07:08 AM -
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id rather watch that than quad/raptor spam on TF anyday kiesko, WOW what USAF play from blind tbh smile.gif

easily elite imo, legendary maybe but i think laser kinda ruined chances of tht with his camping dry.gif frusty.gif
#24DarkTooth  Jun 14 2006, 07:46 AM -
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Girlz: You are going from an 'okish game imo' to accepting 9/10 despite the huge blunders you and Dackel made which led to USAF pulling off a shocker? He didn't win it, you guys lost it. Before lazer was out Dackel already had his palace made, why couldn't you? Dackel was already grabbing a 3rd supply, which he should have given to you since you kept losing your unsafe. By the end of the game he had 30k more than you and USAF, so he should have at least had a CC and demolitions upgrade, which would on its own probably have been enough to win the game (USAF was pinned to his base and on 1 sup for a long time).

You guys were completely wasting your time going around the map with some quads and a radar van hunting stealth comanches, that won't win the game as he's just making more, plus he's using up the timer to his next gen ability. And yes hit your head on a wall for sending small groups of quads to large groups of king raptors and stealth comanches, defended by firebases and bombardment cannon... didn't kill anything.

The best thing about Demo is what... $750 quads, or demo ambush? Instead of 3 more suicide quads for $2250, you could get a CC for $2000, and at a later point hold off on 3 more suicide quads to get demo upgrade and really hurt USAF every 4 mins (especially since he's on 1 supply). Surely you understand the investment value? Demo ambush every 4 mins costs you nothing, spamming quads for 4 mins which will all die cost you guys the game.

I'm sorry if I sound so hard but I'm just trying to keep things real here. Just 1 CC with demo ambush would have hurt USAF so much, 2 would have been... well, we wouldn't be talking about it now. The whole point of demo gen is... DEMOLITION AMBUSH (arguably the greatest ability in the game). 1 Demo not upgrading is excusable, but not 2.

9/10 is a joke... and so is USAF... and so is 2 demo gens not making CC for demo ambush.
#25Cesaro  Jun 14 2006, 07:59 AM -
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I'd be surprised if Dackel even hit level 3, Girlz certainly would have, but going dual war, which was needed to even keep them in the game, barely allows for a palace, let alone ups + CC. Especially when your supplies are constantly getting harrassed.

You can' t slam Girlz because Dackel made a palace before him, fast palace is near useless against a USAF going for air units. wacko.gif They both played fine, and I have the feeling them both spending that 6500 on Demo ambushes would have killed them quicker.
#26bliNd-  Jun 14 2006, 09:36 AM -
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lol. If coolio teched for demo ambush he'd have died very quickly since he couldn't have defended against my coms/raps with just one wf quad spam. Dackel in the other hand probably never even hit lvl3 as already said by the above poster^
#27GirlZ  Jun 14 2006, 10:07 AM -
:zzz at DarkTooth telling me how to play demo.

Piss off would you? If I'd have gone for palace I'd be DEAD, as the above 2 posters already said. Also, "suicidal quads".. I can't recall sending in 4 or less quads at a time UNTILL the end when I had NOTHING left so that was all I could do. Perhaps dackel shouldn't have gone palace, and PERHAPS he should've given me that 3rd supply. PERHAPS, however, because of that he was also capable of going dual warfactory a bit later.
Also lol at us losing instead of him winning. We did everything we could do in that situation, but USAF's specials + uber strong units + blind's micro (wub.gif) saved the day.

Demo ambush would've been extremely sweet, and really good, BUT if I would have gone and spend $6500 on palace, CC and upgrade I would've been dead ages ago. Don't say anything unless you know what you're talking about DarkTooth.
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#28AwfuL  Jun 14 2006, 14:38 PM -
3 out of 4 players played quite horribly.
The SWG had bad micro, a good example is having 2 vee's and losing 1 of them to ONE quad wacko.gif

The gla players appeared pretty clueless on how to fight a good airforce player. They should be ashamed of this after playing this game for >2 years. As Darktooth has pointed out, you dont drive around with 5 quads and a radar van. And you certainly dont drive into a usaf base without being ready for the king raptors that are just waiting until the quads are busy.. I dont know if any of these gla players has heard of attack move?

Blind played good, and the replay is entertaining for the sole fact that usaf on 1 sup survived against two gla's on half a dozen, but it's an insult to the quality of replays on this site to have this rated 9/10.
#29GirlZ  Jun 14 2006, 15:55 PM -
:zzz at noobs tinking they can do better.

Why the fu** am I even posting good replays, morons will just give dumb and bad comments anyway, thinking they can do better. I'm not even gonna try to point out why you need a radar van with your quads.
#30AwfuL  Jun 14 2006, 17:16 PM -
I think you're underestimating my knowledge of this game. Thanks for calling me a noob, i'll be happy to show you how it's done if we ever meet.
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