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CNC Zero Hour

Hard core game full of Action SW VS DEMO

[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1
[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1
#1-FreeStyLeR-  Dec 20 2018, 20:58 PM -
#2-ExiLe`  Dec 21 2018, 13:46 PM -
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gg wp. fun game.

my early game was super slow though as I collected only with 2 or 3 workers on the right sup for like 5 minutes? very bad. also some floating later on altho im not sure if that was for very long. Nice how you took the middle building with md+pathfinders, a standard thing but very annoying haha, that plus powers recked me. Was also surprised you were able to build your eco back up again
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#3Leikeze  Dec 21 2018, 16:32 PM -
You floated around 2k-5k at times until a little over ten minutes in, but that wasn't so crucial. You nearly managed without it just by keeping consistent with your attacks.
#4Dudush  Dec 22 2018, 17:33 PM -

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Hi all !

It was amazing game!
Title should be:Demo bikes vs Auroras

There's video commentary:

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#5Serby  Dec 24 2018, 00:52 AM -
nice game. wub
#6-HerB-  Dec 24 2018, 10:47 AM -
nice entertaining game guys wubbed!
#7cncHD  Jan 6 2019, 05:14 AM -

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Congrats on Replay of the Week. Awards handed out.
#8UcHIHA^MaDaRA^  Jan 7 2019, 16:35 PM -
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nice game
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