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CNC Zero Hour

InC niHao / -]Kenny ExCaL^ Very gG++++!!

#11hyd`BeXAez  Aug 17 2010, 17:11 PM -
Replays: 93 Game:
I want range in org : Pro obs biggrin.gif
I obs all games hehe biggrin.gif

@Google i have + 5 replays Excal + Size wink.gif
#12-=HETLAR=-  Aug 17 2010, 17:43 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
good game
all player no mony

very good air
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#13AwfuL  Aug 17 2010, 17:44 PM -
Excal always says that Delboy is his father biggrin.gif

That's because he really is happy.gif

Godly play by Size in this game.
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#14-SorYu  Aug 17 2010, 17:46 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
Cool father btw, obsing son's games and after he is like WTF HOW COULD U LOSE IT ! tongue.gif
#15HaWkY^  Aug 17 2010, 19:19 PM -
Nice game. Wub smile.gif
#16AwfuL  Aug 17 2010, 19:25 PM -
Cool father btw, obsing son's games and after he is like WTF HOW COULD U LOSE IT ! tongue.gif

Perhaps that's why he tries so hard, every time he loses it's spanky time! w00t.gif
#17Replaysystem  Aug 17 2010, 20:00 PM -

Replays: 0
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#18Slayd_CraVen  Aug 17 2010, 20:01 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Hay lets use 4 scorpion tanks to kill $4000+ of units each yaay

Wub. Awesome game. Action Packed and really really fun watch!
#19Chimaera  Aug 17 2010, 22:13 PM -
Awesome game, size played legendary, no money, just a couple of scorpions, all he needed. The lack of money and harassment actually made him better off in later stages, he was the only one without a depleted stash. GG wubbed, hof mio.
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#20Opsnyder  Aug 17 2010, 22:37 PM -
Delboy has flamed me a couple of times in CW while Excal remained calm^^

The game deserves HOF. Its a long time I had fun watching a FE game and SiZe played very well. Probably because he could spam scorpions while his enemies had to spam quads though.
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