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1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (32 points)
2. shocktapus (21 points)
3. shoktrepet (19 points)

Last Update: C&C 3 Tiberium Wars Peace Through Power #2 Tournament

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Command and Conquer 3 Features and Articles

Special Feature

Tiberium Wars Weekly Map Feast - Intro

Thursday, 8 Oct 2015
Greetings, Commanders. Today, we have the pleasure of unveiling the Tiberium Wars Weekly Map Feast. Open your eyes, witness the rebirth of the Tiberium Wars from its ashes.ConceptSo, what is the Tiberium Wars Weekly Map Feast? As the name suggests, it is a weekly series which we hope will...
Special Feature

The Worldbuilder Challenge starts!

Friday, 2 Oct 2015
Hello there, o builders of the world.You have signed up for the challenge of your life and awaited the rules in excitement! Well I'm happy to announce the rules of the challenge and with that officially the start this battle.The Challenge RulesMap TypeBalanced multiplayer tournament map: You will...
Special Feature

Featured Replay and Video - AdamLallana vs d.Physick

Friday, 25 Sep 2015
Hello! Again we can see a great replay that many people have enjoyed watching, and then one of our casters, Kane's Wrath Administrator IISpartacus kindly came along to create another professional VOD for Tiberium Wars. Here we have a pretty long twenty minute game showcasing some decent GDI vs...
Special Feature

Tiberium Wars: World Builder Challenge

Friday, 18 Sep 2015
Good evening, Commanders.Today we are bringing you the Tiberium Wars World Builder Challenge. This challenge will commence on the 1st of October 12:00GMT and will last for a full month, ending on the 1st of November at 11:59GMT.Competition Rules You can submit a maximum of 2 maps. You must create...

Player Spotlight: enjibenji

Thursday, 27 Aug 2015
Welcome Back, Commanders! Once again we have a chance to talk to another good Tiberium Wars Player in our series Player Spotlight! This time we've been proud to speak to well known community member, enjibenji.GameReplays: Hello enji and thanks for agreeing to this interview. Let's start with the...
Special Feature

Featured Replay and Video - enjibenji vs Training^Acc

Monday, 10 Aug 2015
Once in a while we see a replay of an outstanding game and then somebody comes along and makes a super VOD. We like to put those together in one place for you. This time, we have a thoroughly entertaining brawl on Tournamnet Coastline between two Tiberium Wars stalwarts; enjibenji playing...

Player Spotlight: LoseForTheWin

Thursday, 23 Jul 2015
Welcome back Commanders! It's time to talk to another Tiberium Wars player in our Player Spotlight series! This time we are proud to bring you an interview with well known community member, LoseForTheWin.GameReplays: Hello, can you tell us something about yourself, your age, what you do and where...
Special Feature

Lost Files: C&C Tiberian Sun Lore Bible

Saturday, 30 May 2015
Welcome Commanders and Generals to a special feature entitled Lost Files. This will differ as compared to my Nostalgia and Developer, Examined series as they will not necessarily be lengthy articles and that they would specifically take a look at old or lost pieces of concept arts, screenplay,...

Player Of The Month For March: Cmd.Exe

Tuesday, 7 Apr 2015
Once again we are back for another episode of our Tiberium Wars Player of The Month series and this time Gamereplays.Org's ytchasSe600ful had the pleasure of speaking to community member and long-term player of Tiberium Wars, _cmd.exe_Gamereplays.org: Could you share with us your Name, Age, and...
Special Feature

Nostalgia: Tiberium the FPS

Saturday, 28 Feb 2015
Greetings commanders from every edge of the Earth!We bring you once again another edition of the Nostalgia series, in which this time we focus upon one of the many what-ifs that the direction and lore of the Command and Conquer universe could have taken; of course we are referring to none other...