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C&C:Online User Guide

Claiming your old GameSpy names
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IPB ImageWARNING: Do not attempt to reclaim your GameSpy accounts unless you are already able to log in successfully with other nicknames.

IPB Image1. Go to Shatabrick/gamespy (not the current Shatabrick pages, which do not show unclaimed GameSpy names) and find the nick name you want to claim, or one of the names on your Shatabrick Profile (Page) by searching the game where you used it.

IPB ImageIf you cannot find the nick name in any game, we do not have a record of it and you will not be able to claim the name. You will be able to create the name as a new name by logging in with it as your OnlineID in any game (if it is not already in use by somebody else). If the name is not already in use by somebody else, the name will be created for you. If the name is already in use, the game will tell you.

We did not keep a record of names used in Generals or Zero hour, so unless you used the same nick name in another game (Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath or Red Alert 3) we will not have a record of the name and you can make it as a new name, if it is still available.

IPB Image2. Make a new topic in the Member Management Forum on the Revora Forums. Try to name that topic with the nick name you are claiming. Post the nick name or names in the topic and say which game you played with the name.

IPB ImageWe will normally give you all of the nick names found on the Shatabrick Profile page where the name was found. If you do not want use all of the names, you can deactivate the names you do not want, once they have been transferred to you; see Deactivating and Reactivating Profiles.

Once we approve the claim, the nick name or names will normally show on your account within an hour.

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