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Command and Conquer 3

C&C:Online User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions
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IPB ImageBelow is a updated list of common issues and their solutions.

IPB ImageA. Launcher Issues.
1. When I launch Generals/Zero Hour from the launcher, I get the following error: Generals/Zero Hour Installation Not Found.
Solution: We do not recommend that you use the launcher to start Generals or Zero Hour. We suggest that you install Gentool and launch the games from your usual shortcut. If you are using the launcher, this error is a registry issue related to a weird configuration in certain game editions. Here's what to do:
I. Run regedit
II. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Generals
III. There should be a value named InstallPath. Make sure the value is set to the Install directory and NOT to the Generals base game sub-directory. For example, my install directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, but the InstallPath value was set to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Command and Conquer Generals.
IV. Once you have the InstallPath set properly, reinstall the fixed launchers.

2. When I launch my game using the C&C:Online launcher, I get the following error: CA public key patching routine failed
Solution: Try setting the launcher to Windows XP compatibility (as well as "Run as Administrator") mode.

3. When I launch my game, I'm getting the following error: Missing Required file "Ssleay32.dll".
Solution: You will have to use the Hook option to hook the games you want to play. Use the Hook menu to hook your games, then use the game's own shortcut to start the launcher and use C&C:Online. Also make sure to disable your antivirus for the hooking.

4. I bought the games on Origin and the C&C:Online launcher keeps saying the installation cannot be found. Or: You can not login.
Solution 1: (Generals & Zero Hour):
I. Install the fixed launchers (applicable only if you have the Ultimate Collection via Origin) DOWNLOAD
II. Install GenTool (can be installed if you have Origin versions / retail versions)
III. Play!
Solution 2: (C&C3 & RA3): Go into Origin, click the game (in this case either C&C3 or RA3), click the "i" button to the left of "play", click "Game Properties" and check the box "Disable Origin in game for this game" and then launch RA3 or C&C3 via the normal C&C:Online method.

5. I'm having trouble using C&C:Online with Steam.
Solution: Open the C&C:Online launcher and use the Hook menu to hook your game.
I. Go into Steam and create a desktop shortcut for your game.
II. Open the C&C:Online launcher and go to the hooking menu. Hook your game. When Hooking, you should receive a prompt asking for your confirmation, this is how you know it worked. If you don't receive anything and you are still not able to launch your game, check your anti-virus (Norton especially) as they are known to delete the hooking file. Add an exception for C&C:Online. Make sure that you Hook the game after you have made the Steam short cut and not before.
III. Launch the game using the shortcut Steam made for it on your desktop. The launcher should pop up, so select your game and off you go

IPB ImageB. Log-In Issues.
1. I get the following error when logging in: the transaction timed out without receiving a response.
Solution: This usually happens when you're logging in with your old nickname (the one used on GameSpy). You'll have to make a claim here to get that back. We do this avoid impersonation. In the meantime, use a different nickname.

2. When I try to log in, I get the following error: Could not connect to backend server.
Solution: This is usually a problem on our end, meaning the server is down. We restart the server soon after it goes down, so check back later. If the server is up (you can check our website to make sure), create a support thread (make sure you include your C&C:Online log)

3. When I try to log in, I get the following error: user supplied an incorrect password.
Solution: This can be caused by two things. Most commonly this happens when you don't use the C&C:Online Password but the password you used to create your Revora account. Follow this link (a shortcut to your profile) and set it: Here
Secondly, this has been reported to happen when the nickname you are attempting to use is too long.

4. Upon login, the game says: The specified account or sub-account wasn't found.
Solution: Make sure you're using the right information to log in. For Generals, Zero Hour and Red Alert 3, your account name is the e-mail address you used to register at Revora. For C&C3 and Kane's Wrath, your account name is the Log In name you chose when registering at Revora (If you've registered through Facebook, your Facebook name is your username. If it is too long, make a thread and we'll shorten it.

5. Upon login, the game says: The specified Online ID or account name is already in use.
Solution: Your nickname has probably been reserved. You need to claim your old nicknames. Activating them takes some time. Read the pinned topics.

6. Upon login, the game says: Your nickname is bugged as '1' and will forbid online gaming.
Solution: This happens when your account name (your Revora Log In name) has forbidden characters. Please make a thread to request a Log In name change.

7. In Zero Hour, I keep getting the could not connect to persistent storage server error.
Solution: Try running the launcher as administrator OR uninstall the launcher (make sure you unhook if you have hooked) and use GenTool plus your regular shortcut to launch the game.

IPB ImageC. Connection Issues.
1. I have trouble connecting to people online (this seems to happen in RA3 the most)
Solution 1: If you own the game(s) through The Ultimate Collection bundle, DOWNLOAD THIS to prevent connection issues to people that don't have The Ultimate Collection.
Solution 2: User Elancore has posted several images of all the correct Generals and Zero Hour settings. Take a look at them here.
Solution 3: If, when starting a game in RA3, your connection always times out, try the following:
I. Open port 16000 in your router settings. Go here if you don't know how. Use this to check if your port was succesfully opened.
II. Find your game's Options.ini (this can be found by typing %appdata% in the Windows search bar and opening the game's folder there). Open Options.ini and remove the following line:
FirewallPortOverride = 16000

Then save Options.ini and set it to read only (right click > properties).
Solution 4: Try opening your DMZ in your router settings. More information on how to do this can be found here.
Solution 5: Try adding C&C:Online to your Firewall exceptions. Use Google to find out how this is done.
Solution 6: Do you have hamachi, tunngle or similar services installed? Try to disable their virtual network devices and shut them down. You may find that you need to remove the drivers altogether.

IPB ImageD. Misc.
1. I registered with Facebook, what is my username for logging into the games?
Solution: Your username is your Facebook name. If this name is too long, make a thread asking for us to change it into something shorter.

2. I want to run the game in windowed mode or pass other arguments.
Solution: Select your game shortcut. Add -win after the path in Target (right click shortcut > properties). Then use the hooking menu to hook your game and use your -win shortcut.

3. Generals and Zero Hour don't work on Windows 8.
Solution: You'll have to create an Options.ini file before launching the game. A detailed guide on this issue can be found here.

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