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C&C:Online User Guide

Report an Issue
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IPB ImageStill experiencing issues using C&C:Online?
We can help you resolve them.

IPB ImageQuestions should be formulated CLEARLY and describe the issue in detail.
At the very least, your post/topic should include the following:
  • The title should contain the game you are having issues with.
    - Example: [GENERALS] Login issue.
    - You can also use the tag system, with the first tag used as prefix.
  • What version of the game are you using?
    - Normal, The Ultimate Collection, The First Decade; are you on Origin or Steam?
  • What kind of error do you get and at what time?
    - Be as precise as possible!
  • What operating system are you using?
    - Windows 8, Vista, XP, etc..
  • Your error log file. (Not applicable to Gentool users)
    - This can be found by typing %TEMP% into your Windows search bar.
    - The file you need is called CNCOnline_Log.txt.
    - You may upload it into your post or copy and paste its contents
IPB ImageWARNING: Only make a new thread if your issue is not listed in the FAQ, none of the solutions work, or you do not understand. If you don't do this and your problem is one of the problems solved here:
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We do not have time to keep telling everyone how to report an issue properly! Please stick to these guidelines and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you very much for reading this thread carefully. IPB Image

Tips: Put "I have read the guide and faq thread" at the top of your help thread when you post.

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(You need to be logged in to Revora to post a new topic)

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