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Late Game Economy Management Guide

By FuumaMonou - 18th April 2008 - 04:05 AM

Early game economy management is so very simple. There is a whole lot of tiberium on the field, so you want to harvest as much as possible, as fast as possible in hopes of overwhelming your opponent with more forces and a higher tech level. However, when tiberium fields are running dry, the late game economy is a whole different beast.

Understanding Crystal Regrowth

To begin with one must properly understand the way Tiberium grows - it has 3 distinct phases:
  • Seedling - Worth very little money when harvested
  • Medium Crystal - Worth slightly more than Seedling when harvested
  • Mature Crystal - Worth Maximum amount when harvested

So as per the above logic you will have to apply proper harvester control to ensure that you can allow the Seedlings to grow into Mature Crystals and thus gain the credits from harvesting the Tiberium.

Harvester Control

Firstly if you do not control your Harvesters, some bad things may happen:
  • You will have many of them fighting over one little patch of tiberium, which means they will all go back to the Refinery with little or no deposit.
  • Harvesters will also go all around the map to search for tiberium, this includes, but is not limited to your opponent's field (where his army is) and destroyed Tiberium Spikes that you don't have protected. Losing Harvesters in the late game will leave you at a serious disadvantage.
  • They will harvest the Seedlings and stop them from Maturing.

IPB Image

However, when you do apply proper Harvester Control
  • You will have a few Harvesters gaining full loads quickly and more efficiently (no running into each other) for bigger pay offs and a more stable economy.
  • You will have back-up Harvesters in the ones that you have pulled out of the rotation from your earlier game harvesting to replace destroyed Harvesters.
  • You can wait stop Harvesters from harvesting fields for a little while, since tiberium grows faster when it isn't harvested, and have a bigger pay-off in general.

There is even more to late game economy management beyond controlling harvesting operations on your fields and just controlling your Harvesters in general.

Tiberium Spikes

Tiberium Spikes provide a steady stream of funds that is vitally important to keeping your economy afloat, make sure that you defend your Tib Spikes with an all round garrison of troops (not in Structures) to ensure that your opponent will not be able to capture or destroy your Spikes. On the same coin if you can not capture and hold your opponents Spike - destroy it to prevent your opponent from gaining access to funding.

IPB Image

While capturing and maintain Tiberium Spikes is very important, if you need some fast cash, you can destroy Tiberium Spikes. Doing so will create a decent sized tiberium field that will give you enough Mature Crystals for an advantage over your opponent. However itís a double edged sword as whereas it will give you a boost in the short run, in the long run it will hinder you.

You may want to consider this when you are saving up for one final assault on your enemy and need that credit boost to crank out a few more units or use Support Powers. Itís often a game changing situations when players choose do so. Use it at your own choice as once you've destroyed the Spike - you are committing yourself to launching one final attack waiting behind is not an option as the economic boost will wear off and you will be at a disadvantage.

Faction Specifics

Furthermore, some factions have support powers or structures that will give them economic advantages in the late game.


It is essential to get Growth Accelerators on your tiberium fields as fast as possible. They increase the rate that tiberium matures, which means that it makes smaller crystal patches into the larger, Mature Crystals. While it helps out greatly in the mid-game, it will also do wonders in the late game if you combine it with the idea of stopping harvesting on a field completely for a short time. The boost that it grants you is not to be overlooked. Growth Accelerators are a must for any Scrin Player.

IPB Image


With the Brotherhood of Nod, they have a support power from the Tiberium Chemical Plant called Seed Tiberium. This will be said from the start, there is absolutely no reason not to use this ability right after you get it and right after its recharge is over. For the cheap price of 500, you will be given 2-4 loads of tiberium.

IPB Image

The pure advantage of means there is no reason not to exploit it. Free money falling from the sky should be taken advantage of when ever you can. The quicker you use this ability the first time, the faster it will recharge, which means that you can use it again, and rinse and repeat the whole game.

Unit Builds

Naturally if you control your spending and only build what units are necessary, you will have more funds to use. So spend your cash wisely and pay attention to the battlefield so that you can build the proper counters to enable you to win the game.

Spending resources intelligently can allow you to have the small surplus of funds that is necessary to take advantage of all important Support Powers such as the Shockwave Artillery, Mine Drop and the Stasis Shield

Exploit Selling

Finally, there is the idea of exploit selling. Now, when the word exploit is said, it is because it is an advantage for you. This is not a full-on exploit, since EA has never said anything against it (unlike some obvious exploits that exist in C&C3). Be on the lookout for buildings that you can sell for straight advantage. The one example that will be given is the Statis Chamber. It costs 1200 to make, however, when you sell it, you get half of that back and a Shock Troop squad (which cost 800 to make).

Now for those who aren't that good at math, 800 + 600 = 1400. This means that even though you are making them slower, you are making Shock Troops for 600. Another is the Tiberium Silo as GDI. It costs 500 to make, yet when you sell it you get back 250 and a unit worth 300 in the Rifleman Squad.

IPB Image


The key to late game economy first and foremost is proper harvester control. Proper control of your harvesters will ensure that you will make maximum use of your resources. Make sure to exploit and utilize your factional support powers, abilities and structures to enhance your cash flow. Whatever it takes try and limit your opponent's income by capturing (or destroying if you canít hold it) Tiberium Spikes.