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Redzone Rampage Guide, Part 4: Countering Scrin

By -synthc- - 22nd September 2009 - 16:47 PM

Map Guide: Redzone Rampage Part 4 of 5.

Other parts:

Countering Scrin

This guide will focus on how to play against Scrin on Redzone Rampage.

GDI versus Scrin

When playing against Scrin on this map, you can expect one of three things.

1. Fast Tech. This is the most common strategy a Scrin player will use, mainly because of the effectiveness of the Devastator/Storm Column combo on this map, but Tripods and the Mastermind are also great assets.

GDI can stop this fairly easily by simply rushing Predator Tanks. You should bring a couple Riflemen-APCs and maybe an Engineer-APC or two with you to fight off the Disintegrators and capture some buildings. Your first target is the Nerve Center, followed by the Portal, the Warp Sphere and the Harvesters. By the time you have a couple Predators assaulting the Scrin player's base, he will probably have some Disintegrators and some Seekers, Devourers or Corruptors; your Predators and a couple APCs should be able to overpower all of these. About 110 seconds into the game a fast teching Scrin player will be teched up and building Tripods; about 140 seconds into the game, he will have a Storm Column ready.

Another effective way to stop Scrin's fast tech as GDI is to fast-tech yourself and quickly get Firehawks. Be careful, though, because by the time you have four Firehawks, your opponent will have had time to build a Storm Column, which can kill a Firehawk in one shot with its burst attack.

You should also attempt to capture the EMP Control Center, because not only is the EMP useful for gaining the upper hand against vehicles or base defenses, but it can also instantly kill any unshielded air unit.

Killing air units with EMP
When targeting Scrin air units with the EMP, always aim for the shadows.

If you fail to stop a Scrin player from teching, things can become very difficult for you, but you may still have a good chance to win. If you have been trying to stop your opponent from teching with Predators, you will most likely have retreated once he placed his Storm Column. At this point you can expect lots of Tripods and probably some Devastators. Watch out for that Gravity Stabilizer. Once your opponent has teched, you have two options: You can either keep spamming Predators and get some Pitbulls to counter the Devastators or you can tech up yourself. You should only stay at tier 1 if you opponent is weak and you can hit him from another angle to kill his Technology Assembler (through the second base entrance near the EMP); otherwise you will be fighting the much more powerful Tripods with your Predators.

Your best option after a Scrin player has teched is to pull back and tech up yourself; don't try to harvest from the field between you and your opponent, because his Tripods will kill all of your Harvesters. Once you are teched you can defend yourself with Sonic Emitters and Juggernauts; after you have pushed your opponent out of your base, he will probably start spamming Devastators and basewalking towards you and then will build Storm Columns. Once he gets Storm Columns under his Devastators, it will be nearly impossible to kill the Devastators, because the Storm Column will kill all of your Firehawks simultaneously heal the Devastators. To counter this, you will need to destroy the Storm Column with your Juggernauts and then use your Firehawks to kill the Devastators.

So in conclusion: If your Predator spam fails, fast-tech and spam Juggernauts while using your Firehawks to kill your opponent's air units and harass his base.

IPB Image
The Technology Assembler, the Scrin tier-3 tech structure.