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Redzone Rampage Guide, Part 1: Introduction

By -synthc- - 1st September 2009 - 12:21 PM

Map Guide: Redzone Rampage Part 1 of 5.


Redzone Rampage is a tournament 2v2 map. Each quadrant is mirrored, so all the starting areas are identical. Each player starts next to a small, blue Tiberium field; there are four large patches of green Tiberium between each of the players' starting areas. There is also an EMP Control Center in the middle of the map; if you decide to try and take it, keep in mind that it is very vulnerable and can be destroyed easily or recaptured, though more often than not people simply forget about it.

This guide comes in five installments:
  1. Map overview and build orders (this part)
  2. Countering GDI
  3. Countering Nod
  4. Countering Scrin
  5. Team tactics

General build orders

There are three general build orders for this map. (Note. All build orders involving a Crane are listed in order of queuing, not placement.)

1. Eco boom

  • Crane.
  • 2 Refineries (sell one, power down the other).
  • Power Plant.
  • Refinery.
  • War Factory: 2 Tanks or Seekers to defend from harassment or one Harvester if you don't suspect harassment.
  • Power Plant.
  • Either tech up or spam tanks or infantry while booming one of the green fields.

2. Rush

  • Refinery.
  • Power Plant.
  • War Factory: Bikes / Seekers / APC+Engineer.

3. Standard

  • Power Plant.
  • Draft base defenses for early infantry.
  • Barracks: infantry for scouting, possibly Engineer to take EMP Control Center.
  • Refinery.
  • War Factory: make some tanks or harassment units, because you will usually need to strike early with this build order.
  • Refinery.
The "eco boom" build order is the most common across all factions. It gives you a very solid economy to tech up quickly and basewalk or spam units, and it also keeps you fairly safe from harassment.

The "rush" build order is often used to counter the "eco boom" build order. Since most players will go with a Crane build order on this map, a fast War Factory and some quick harassment can be an instant win if your opponent is not expecting it.

The "standard" build order is often used by GDI to place anti-scouting Foxholes in the three choke points on the map: the two spaces between player's starting positions, and the middle. As GDI, once you have placed your Foxholes and prevented any infantry from scouting, you are in the perfect position to do some Engineer rushing, because you already have your barracks, and your enemy cannot scout you until they have a War Factory.

IPB Image
A Crane.