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Tip of the Week #63 - Countering Manspam

By Wanliang - 5th October 2009 - 20:08 PM

We all have encountered people that build a Barracks and do not seem to stop training infantry. It can seem very overwhelming at times when they have so much anti-tank infantry that your tanks cannot even get close enough to crush them. When this happens, you may even think that you have already lost, and that the wall of incoming infantry is unstoppable. But fear not! Read on, and you will find out how to turn the tides when this happens and maybe even make your enemy wish he never even built a Barracks.

Date: October 5, 2009
Game: Tiberium Wars 1.09
Author: Wanliang

What is manspam?

When someone builds massive amounts of infantry rather than vehicles, this is commonly called manspam. There are a few different types of manspam: The easiest to counter is the all-in manspam consisting only of infantry, and the hardest to counter is the mixed manspam that is supported by vehicles serving as meat shields. In general however, manspam is probably one of the strategies easiest to counter, because infantry have a lot of weaknesses in Tiberium Wars. Nevertheless, if such strategy is executed properly, it can be as devastating as any other.

So first off, the most important thing in countering manspam is the same as for any other strategy in the game: scouting. This cannot be stressed enough; yet still some players forget it sometimes, and the consequence is usually defeat. Enough rambling about the obvious; let's get down to business!

Countering all-in manspam

The first type of manspam in this guide is the all-in, where your enemy spams nothing but pure infantry. This is the easiest manspam to counter, but should still not be underestimated. Assuming you have your enemy's base scouted as much as you can, the first thing you will want know is how many Barracks your enemy has. If he has more than one, he's likely up to something. The most important indicator of an impending manspam, though, is if your enemy builds the infantry support structure: Armory for GDI, Secret Shrine for Nod, Statis Chamber for Scrin (though a Scrin might just build a Stasis Chamber for the support power). Keep doing your best to scout your enemy out, and if he starts rolling out infantry squads by the dozen, then you will want to consider the following counters.


You will want to get a bunch of APCs and start filling them with Rifleman Squads. (This is not strictly necessary, but recommended, since garrisoned Rifleman Squads do more damage per cost than empty APCs.) Avoid training Snipers, because they are not the greatest at countering infantry en masse. Also avoid Grenadiers, unless you are battling in an urban setting (such as Small Town USA) and your enemy is using garrisons to his advantage.

Now that you have a lot of Rifleman-APCs, you're good to go, right? Well, pretty much. You can mix in some Predator tanks if you have the extra money and want to. These Predator tanks can help a lot because if they get close enough, you can use them to scatter your enemy's infantry and even crush some if you get the chance. When you engage your enemy, be sure to micro-manage your Rifleman-APCs to focus on the anti-vehicle infantry only -- do not waste your time firing upon the other infantry until all the anti-vehicle infantry are dead. If your enemy is Scrin, then just reverse-move your APCs away from his infantry and kite them to death. Be sure to evacuate your Rifleman Squads from APCs with low health, and if possible, pull the damaged APCs back to repair so you get the most out of your units.

IPB Image
APCs fighting off enemy infantry.