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C&C3 Tiberium Wars 10th Anniversary 1vs1 Event Prizes Up !

By ToxicShock - 8th April 2017 - 14:14 PM

Greetings commanders. We are holding the C&C3:Tiberium Wars 10th Anniversary 1vs1 Tournament event next Saturday, April 15th at 14:00 GMT and we have some more good news for you!

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Another generous donation of 150US$ from

`~Lu(N)a~(☢)wnz~` and the Command&Conquer3 Steam Group (join the group Commander!)

and a most kindly 200US$ from


has jacked the prize pool for the event to a hansom 500US$, payable (only by paypal) as follows:
  • First Place - 300US$
  • Second Place - 110US$
  • Third Place - 50US$,
together with two random prizes of 20USD each, to be awarded by a random draw to two participants that complete the event without winning other prizes. Current gamereplays staff members are not eligible for the random prize draw.

Of course, further donations would be welcome to help us celebrate our favourite game. If you would like to make a further donation to the prize pool for this or any other Tiberium Wars event, please contact Tiberium Wars game admin, ~AngelOfDeath~.

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