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C&C 3 TW March 2019 1v1 Juniors & Mids Tournament Recap

By Claymore92 - 13th March 2019 - 21:09 PM

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Last Saturday, March 9th 2019, GameReplays hosted the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars March 2019 1v1 Juniors & Mids Tournament.

Unfortunately, we did not have that many participants - 5 to be precise (our sixth player - Senna' had to leave very early and his opponents Emanoymen and Olli got autowins against him). Nevertheless, the event has been held and we do hope to see Senna' as well as other participants in our next event. In this article, we bring you a quick recap of the event.


Emanoymen took part for the first time in a C&C 3 TW tournament and won 2:0 against MeGasS.

GameReplays staff member Olli took a 2:0 victory over our Russian friend Render.


In a battle between two GameReplays staff members Claymore took a 3:0 victory over Olli and proceeded into the finals.

Unfortunately, as previosly mentioned, Senna' had to leave early and his opponent Emanoymen proceeded with an autowin into the finals.


Claymore won with a 4:0 score against Emanoymen the C&C 3 TW March 2019 1v1 Juniors & Mids Tournament.

Third Place Playoffs

Since Senna' had to leave early on, the third place has been awarded to Olli.

Thanks to the following people for participating in the event and making it possible:


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