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1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (22 points)
2. shocktapus (19 points)
3. Maze. (14 points)

Last Update: C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 January 2019 Tournament

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Ladder Reset! - September 19 Season Finals

By ~AngelOfDeath~ - 3rd October 2019 - 22:02 PM

Welcome Back, Commanders, All of the ladders were reset in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath this morning and we have some 1vs1 finalists for the September Ladder Season. Here are the top four for September 2019 in each game. If you are eligible to play and want to take part, please post in the discussion topic. The Ladder Hall of Fame is ready for new champions in each game.

Kane's Wrath
  • 1st: iTRiP
  • 2nd: dogG
  • 3rd: xTragicx
  • 4th: Akasut
Tiberium Wars
  • 1st: Lumos
  • 2nd: shoktrepet
  • 3rd: Thanatos.
  • 4th: shocktapus

The top 4 players are invited to compete with each other in a single-elimination tournament to determine their final ranking. The first round and third place round will be played best of three and the finals best of five.

The Award System is now live, so successful participants in the Ladder Wars finals can expect an Award on their profile, as well as a place in the Ladder Hall of Fame Kane's Wrath and Tiberium Wars.
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Ladder Achievement Award

If you show in the ladder and want to be in with a shout, please feel free to turn up, once the time and date have been confirmed, in case the top four can't make it.

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