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C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 December 2018 Tournament Recap

By Claymore92 - 2nd January 2019 - 12:06 PM

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Last Saturday, December 29th 2018, Claymore and Iluhan hosted the Tiberium Wars 1v1 December 2018 Tournament. The event did not feature any prize, yet managed to gather 12 participants (long time members as well as new members). In this article, we bring you a quick recap of the whole event as well as the replays of the played games.

Round of 16

MeGasS took a 2:1 victory over Savinif who played for the first time in a C&C 3 Tiberium Wars tournament.

vovken228 took a 2:0 victory over Xupypr who as well participated for the first in a C&C 3 Tiberium Wars tournament as far as we know.

Hedgehog_TM won 2:0 against Captian_Hook.

OneVI$ION won 2:0 against DEVASTATOR.


TW expert PoKeMoM took a 2:0 victory over MeGasS, which includes a game on Redzone Rampage 1v1 for the LOLs as well, despite the map not being not being in the map pool.

To the surprise of many players and viewers alike, the Russian newcomer to the C&C 3 TW scene vovken228 managed to throw shoktrepet with a 2:1 victory out of the event.

shocktapus won 2:0 against Hedgehog_TM.

Schmidtjr, who has been absent from C&C 3 TW for years made an appearance in the tournament and with a 2:1 victory over OneVI$ION procedeed to the semifinals.


With a convincing 3:0 victory against vovken228, PoKeMoM proceeded to the finals.

With a convincing 3:0 victory against Schmidtjr, shocktapus secured himself a spot in the finals as well.


PoKeMoM and schocktapus clashed in the finals of the event and after an exciting 7 games over the course of an hour and a half, PoKeMoM won with a 4:3 score over shocktapus the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars 1v1 December 2018 Tournament.

Third place playsoffs

Unfortunately, Schmidtjr left before the third place playoffs could take place, so the third place has been awarded to vovken228

So, congratulations to PoKeMoM for taking the first place in the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars 1v1 December 2018 Tournament. Congratulations to schocktapus and vovken228 for taking the second and third place respectively. Also, thanks to the following people for participating in the event:

- Savinif;
- MeGasS;
- Xupypr;
- Captian_Hook;
- Hedgegog_TM;
- OneVI$ION;
- shoktrepet;
- Schmidtjr.

Thanks to Iluhan for casting the event. If you are interested in seeing the casted games visit following link: