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Last Update: C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 January 2019 Tournament

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C&C3 TW 1vs1 January 2019 Event Recap and Player Interview

By Claymore92 - 30th January 2019 - 10:12 AM

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Last Saturday, January 26th 2019, Claymore hosted the Tiberium Wars 1v1 January 2019 Tournament. The tournament had twelve participants and did not feature any prize. However, unlike the last event, this time we had two casters who commentated this event: Dairedo[UA] and DEVASTATOR. Their dual cast is in Russian. In this article, we bring you a quick recap of the whole event, the replays of the played games, the link to the dual cast of Dairedo[UA] and DEVASTATOR and an interview with one of the participants of the event - Savinif.

Round of 16

Xupypr showed up in this event as well, just as in the last event, and took a 2:0 victory over flok. The second game between these players, that took place on Touranment Tower, has been casted as well.

LordFlameheart, who is a Kane's Wrath player, took part in this event as well and took a 2:0 victory over GuidoJuiceHead.

Savinif won 2:0 against kokkin_, who participated for the first time in a C&C 3 Tiberium Wars tournament as far as we know. Savinif seems to have a thing for playing the same map multiple times since both games in this event's round of 16 were played on Tournament Tower and both games in previous event's round of 16 were played on Tournament Arena. We will definitely need to tell Savinif that playing the same map twice is not in accordance with the tournament rules. We still hope to see both players in our next event as well.

GameReplays staff member Olli graced us with his presence in this event and took a 2:0 victory over see#sea who is also known as n#verforg#t. see#sea sure does have a thing for hashtags. Jokes aside, their game on Pipeline Problems had to be replayed since they experienced a game crash.


TW expert shocktapus proceeded with a convincing 2:0 victory over Xupypr to the Semifinals. Both of their games have been casted.

LordFlameheart and BE_sTrOnG faced off against each other. After a tough 3 games, with a 1:2 score against BE_sTrOnG, LordFlameheart departed from the end. Unfortunately, one replay has not been saved. We definitely recommend checking out the Tournament Rift game between these two players since LordFlameheart describes it as: "final game was very close... MCV has 1 HP and..." We won't spoil it of course, so see for yourselves the replay.

TW expert PoKeMoM won 2:0 against Savinif. Unfortunately, one replay is missing.

vovken228 participated in this event as well, just like in the last one, and was supposed to play against Olli. However, due to urgent matters Olli had to leave before the match started. onch-onch, most likely for trolling purposes, logged in under Olli's account and played Olli's match against vovken228. As soon as we noticed onch-onch playing under Olli's account we disqualified Olli from the event and vovken228 proceeded to the Semifinals. However, the games between onch-onch and vovken228 have been casted and you can view them down below. Replays have not been uploaded since playing under someone else's account is against the rules.


With a 3:1 victory against BE_sTrOnG, shocktapus secured himself a spot in the finals. shocktapus experienced a game crash or network issue during one of the games (we are not sure) and that counts as a loss. However, replay of that game has not been saved. Therefore, only three replays have been posted despite the score being 3:1.

With a 3:0 victory against vovken228, PoKeMoM proceeded to the finals. Their games have been casted.


PoKeMoM and schocktapus clashed in the finals of this event again, just like in the last one. After 5 games, PoKeMoM won with a 4:1 score over shocktapus the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars 1v1 January 2019 Tournament. The games have been casted.

Third Place Playoffs

vovken228 and BE_sTrOnG played against each other for the thid place. Unfortunately, after 2 games BE_sTrOnG had to leave and vovken228 took the third place in the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars 1v1 January 2019 Tournament.

So, congratulations to PoKeMoM for taking the first place in the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars 1v1 January 2019 Tournament. Congratulations to schocktapus and vovken228 for taking the second and third place respectively. Also, thanks to the following people for participating in the event:

- Xupypr;
- flok;
- GuidoJuiceHead;
- LordFlameheart;
- Savinif;
- kokkin_;
- see#sea;
- BE_sTrOnG;
- Olli.

Thanks to DEVASTATOR and Dairedo[UA] for casting the event. If you are interested in seeing the casted games visit following link:

Now, let's move on to the interview with Savinif.