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C&C 3 TW For the Brotherhood 1vs1 April 2019 55$ Tournament Recap

By Claymore92 - 15th April 2019 - 18:09 PM

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Last Saturday, April 13th 2019, cwedvin hosted the C&C 3 TW For the Brotherhood 1vs1 April 2019 55$ Tournament. Originally, the prize pool was 35$ (30$ donated by cwedvin and 5$ donated by the writer of this recap - Claymore). However, our dear comrade elite412g donated 20$ for this tournament as well. First place prize was 45$ and a random participant got 10$. 10 participants took part in this event. In this article, we bring you a quick recap of the whole event as well as the replays of the played games.

Round of 16

MeGasS lost 0:2 to Claymore. On the brigther side, MeGasS is the winner of the 10$ prize for a random participant, so there's always that.

bluephoenix took a 2:1 victory over XYHC. Both players participated for the first time in a C&C 3 TW tournament and we do hope to see them in our future events.

Humpalumpaaaa won 2:0 against Brady117, who is one of the donators for the upcoming C&C 3 TW For the Brotherhood II 1vs1 Tournament that is scheduled for the 20th of April. Thanks Brady117! We do hope to see you participating in our future events as well.


Senna' did not make it for the event and his opponent Claymore proceeded with a free win to the semifinals.

shoktrepet took a 2:0 victory over Emanoymen.

_DEVASTATOR_ won 2:1 against bluephoenix.

Dairedo[UA], who is a KW fan took part in our event as well and won 2:1 against Humpalumpaaaa.


Claymore won 3:2 against shoktrepet and proceeded to the finals.

_DEVASTATOR_ won 3:0 against Dairedo[UA] and secured himself a spot in the finals as well.


Claymore won 4:0 against _DEVASTATOR_ and took the first place in the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars For the Brotherhood April 2019 Tournament and the first place prize of 45$.

Note: To view the last three replays you need to download and install the maps from this link.

Third place playsoffs

shoktrepet won 3:0 against Dairedo[UA] and thus took the third place in the C&C 3 TW For the Brotherhood 1vs1 April 2019 55$ Tournament.

So, congratulations to the writer of this article - Claymore for taking the first place in the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars For the Brotherhood 1vs1 April 2019 55$ Tournament. Congratulations to _DEVASTATOR_ and shoktrepet for taking the second and third place respectively. Congratulations to MeGasS who won the 10$ random participant prize. Also, thanks to the all the following people for participating in the event:

- MeGasS;
- Claymore;
- bluephoenix;
- Brady117;
- Emanoymen;
- shoktrepet;
- Dairedo[UA];
- Humpalumpaaaa.

Thanks to cwedvin and elite412b for sponsoring this event.

If you are interested in seeing the casted games visit following links:

Brady117's Twitch Channel

Dairedo[UA]'s Twitch Channel

_DEVASTATOR_'s YouTube Channel

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