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Tiberium Wars League II

By shocktapus - 21st October 2012 - 10:10 AM

GameReplays.org is proud to announce the Tiberium Wars League II, the successor to the original Tiberium Wars League tournament held in 2010. The tournament will be held over a period of several weeks with the Grand Finals being played at a later date. Each tournament has a slightly different theme to keep things fresh and interesting and so everyone has a chance to show-off their skills. Who can take away "Wanted"'s crown and become the new Master of Tiberium Wars?

Tiberium Wars League II Structure

Saturday October 27th - Tournament One: 1v1 Ranked Maps, All Factions Including Random - Recap
Sunday November 11th - Tournament Two: 1v1 Ranked Maps, No Random Allowed - Recap
Sunday November 25th - Tournament Three: 1v1 Ranked Maps, Mirrors Only - Recap
Saturday December 8th - Tournament Four: 1v1 Ranked Maps, Faction Locked for whole Tournament

Sunday 23rd of December - Grand Finals - 1v1 Ranked Maps, All Factions Allowed Including Random

Grand Finals

The eight players with the most points gathered throughout the four tournaments will qualify for the grand finals. They will play in a seeded 1-vs.-1 best of five, single elimination tournament with a third place play-off. The finals for this tournament will be played as best-of-seven.

Grand Final Prizes

1st Place: 150 US Dollars and a copy of the Command and Conquer: Ultimate Edition
2nd Place: 70 US Dollars
3rd Place: 40 US Dollars

Command and Conquer: Ultimate Edition Prize Draw

Electronic Arts have kindly donated four keys for the Command and Conquer: Ultimate edition and each tournament one copy will be randomly given to one of the participants. This means that even if you are not expecting to win the tournament, just by participating you can win a prize!

The Leaderboard

Follow the Progress of the League on the Leaderboard, on the Tiberium Wars portal.

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who sponsored the tournament. Thanks to Picklehead, Sh0ckTr34tm3nt, ForzaRespawned, JCDoo7 and Vivo for generously donating to this tournament.

Be sure to read the first announcement for Tournament 1 tomorrow, if you are interested and sign up for the first part of the Tiberium Wars League II.

Make Sure you read the League Rules.