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Tiberium Wars League II Finals Reminder

By shocktapus - 23rd December 2012 - 14:52 PM

This Sunday, December 23rd at 16:00 GMT, GameReplays.org will be hosting the Grand Finals of the Tiberium Wars League II. The top 8 seeds have been finalised and they are as follows:

1st: Maze
2nd: Technique
3rd: Bike-Rush+Ownz
4th: Sh0cktr34tm3nt
5th: Cmd.exe*
5th: Greasy*
7th: Wanted
8th: Panic

*Cmd.exe and Greasy need to play off in a best of three to determine who takes 5th seed and who takes 6th seed.

Reserves for the tournament are as follows:
1st Reserve: BigMoule
2nd Reserve: Disturbia
=3rd Reserve: Goofing and Inexperienced (If both players show and want to participate they would need to play off in a best of three to determine who gets to play in the tournament)


Date and time

Sunday, 23rd December 2012, 16:00 GMT

To compare GMT to your local timezone, you may use one of the following internet services: greenwichmeantime, timeanddate, timezoneconverter.

It is your own responsibility to make sure you show up at the correct time and date. You will not be reminded individually by staff or by a referee. The entire tournament will be finished within an estimated 3-4 hours, so please make sure to clear your schedule in advance. Players are allowed an optional 5 minute break after each round and a 15 minute break before the 3rd place play-off and the finals. Players will be allowed longer breaks if required, however taking an unreasonable amount of time may result in disqualification at the referee's discretion.

Seedings will be finalised at 16:15 GMT. Any player who turns up after this point will not be allowed to participate and will be replaced by a reserve



Online Lobby

Tournaments 1

Tournament format and rules

The tournament will be played with a single elimination format. This means that once you have lost a round then you are eliminated. The quarter finals, semi-finals and 3rd place play-off will be played as a best-of-five games with the finals being played as a best-of-seven games.

The following exploits are banned from use in a tournament game:
  • The exploit whereby small units are sent to the blackened edges of any map, rendering them invisible.
  • The exploit whereby Fire Hawks with Air to Air Missiles loaded are used to fire at the ground.
  • The exploit whereby a Scrin Buzzer is positioned under the bridge in the map Barstow Badlands with a view to attacking enemy troops and engineers on the bridge.
  • Sustained viewing into the fog of war for the purpose of sighting turrets sells.

The following behaviours are considered poor sportsmanship and may result in disqualification at the referees discretion:
  • Excessive use of beacons to obscure the radar and distract your opponent
  • Excessive use of in game chat to distract your opponent

1v1 Ranked Maps - All factions permitted including random

Map Pool
Barstow Badlands
Pipeline Problems
Small Town USA
Tournament Arena
Tournament Coastline
Tournament Dustbowl
Tournament Rift
Tournament Tower

The map selection is set and not negotiable.

The first map for each round will be decided by map elimination with the higher seeded player eliminating the first map. After this, the loser of the previous match will pick the next map from the pool.

Once a map has been played it may not be picked to play again for the remainder of that round.

Quarter Finals: Map Elimination and then losers choice from the pool.
Semi Finals: Map Elimination and then losers choice from the pool.
3rd Place Play-off: Map Elimination and then losers choice from the pool.
Final: Map Elimination and then losers choice from the pool.

Result Reporting

You should report the results of the matches in this topic. It is the responsibility of the Winner of each game to save the replay and upload it to the topic. However, please save all your replays in case there is a dispute.

Good luck, Commanders!