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Tiberium Wars League II Round 1 Recap

By shocktapus - 2nd November 2012 - 20:32 PM

On Saturday 27th of October, GameReplays.org proudly hosted the first-round of the Tiberium Wars League II. A total of eighteen competitors bravely battled it out in an epic six-hour long event that saw a mixture of new names, old faces and seasoned tournament veterans showcasing their skills.

The tournament was best-of-three double elimination and it was not long before big names collided. Reigning champion "Wanted" was defeated by newest Tiberium Wars expert Maze in the third round while the other expert players in the draw Sh0cktr34tm3nt and bike-rush+ownz managed to safely navigate their way to the semi-finals of the winner bracket.

In the semi-finals of the winner bracket, Maze was defeated by Sh0cktr354tm3nt in a closely contested series while Goofing was eliminated by bike-rush+ownz. This meant that Sh0cktr3tm3nt and bike-rush+ownz would face each other in the final of the winner bracket, knowing that they would gain a significant advantage in the overall final if they won. In the end it was Sh0cktr34tm3nt who came out on top to win the winner bracket while bike-rush+ownz was sent down to the loser bracket.

Meanwhile in the loser bracket, "Wanted" had valiantly fought his way back into contention and set up a rematch with Maze for a place in the loser bracket final. In one of the games of the tournament on Small Town USA Maze ended up snatching the victory before steamrolling "Wanted" on Pipeline Problems to face bike-rush+ownz for a place in the overall final.

After defeating bike-rush+ownz in the loser bracket final, Maze had a chance to gain revenge against Sh0cktr34tm3nt and grab a cool 12 points to start off his Tiberium Wars League II campaign in style. Maze dispatched of Sh0cktr34tment in a comprehensive 2-0, 2-0 victory to win the first tournament of the series!

Thanks a lot to all the competitors who entered and we hope to see you all and more in the next round of the competition to be held on Sunday the 11th of November at 15:00 GMT.

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We have randomly picked the winner of our C&C prize draw and we're happy to announce that MeGasS is the lucky winner! Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants! We hope to see you all again in the next tournament.