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Tip of the Week #50 - The Rig

By -synthc- - 14th January 2009 - 16:42 PM

The Rig is a combat support vehicle that comes out of the War Factory as a weak, weaponless unit, but can be deployed into a powerful Battle Base, which has three repair drones, can be repaired similar to a structure, and is armed with two anti-vehicle cannons and a rocket launcher that can defend it from weak air units like Venoms.

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Last updated: September 29, 2009
Game: Tiberium Wars 1.09
Author: -synthc-

Rig Basics

Deploying a Rig

When deploying a Rig in combat, always deploy it parallel to enemy forces (both cannons are facing the enemy) so that both cannons can fire upon the enemy. If you deploy your Rig in the wrong position, only one cannon will be able to fire, thus reducing its combat effectiveness.

Also consider how close your Rig is to the enemy forces; depending on how many units you have in comparison to you opponent, you can chose to deploy the Rig within range of enemy units or away from enemy fire. Generally you want to deploy it out of enemy range so that it can be protected and still repair you units, and if your opponent wants to destroy it, he/she has to get within range, which will give you an advantage if you micro correctly.

Combat Chain Role

The Rig has exceptional healing abilities, with three repair drones and the largest repair radius in the game. It can easily turn the tide of a battle if you protect it well, and will help your units stay alive much longer, greatly increasing your chance of getting veteran units. A couple of heroic Predators can be a very formidable force on the battlefield.

Protecting the Rig in Battle

The Rig has relatively few HP, so you will need to manage your units well to keep the Rig, and your units, alive. By making sure that you keep all of your units within firing range of the enemy, and keeping your Rig out of firing range of the enemy, you are giving yourself the attack advantage, but also exposing your units to more enemy fire. You should start by keeping all of your units in a good formation (staying within firing range of the enemy and within healing range of the Rig) and doing lots of damage to your enemy by making sure that all of your units are firing upon the enemy (unless you are severely outnumbered, in which case you should go right to the next step).

Once a unit's health starts getting critically low, pull it back out of enemy range to prevent it from dying, and allow it to be repaired by the Rig. If your opponent chases your vehicle as it is reverse moving away from the front line, you can move the vehicle behind the Rig and use the Rig as a shield while your unit is being repaired.

If your opponent decides to attack your Rig (which they are likely to do) you can take the advantage by laying waste to the enemy forces as they are trying to get within firing range of your Rig; you can even try getting some of your units behind enemy forces and getting some good hits on the rear and side armor. If your Rig does start taking damage, don't forget to repair it, but donít try to undeploy it in an attempt to retreat if it is taking damage, as doing so will cause it to be destroyed much faster.

IPB Image

Remember that when the Rig is deployed into a Battle Base, it becomes a building, and therefore can be repaired, but also captured by Engineers or C4'ed by Commandos; it is also susceptible to grenade damage (making the Black Hand, Devastators, and Firehawks its worst enemies).

The Rig is not very useful in battle if you are fighting at tier 3, because tier-3 walkers and artillery will quickly destroy it, making Mammoth Tanks a much better option at tier 3. If you reach tier 3, the Rig can still be very useful for support; for example, having Juggernauts standing near a Rig, and having a place to pull your units back to so that they can heal. You should generally try to keep your Rigs away from tier-3 walkers/tanks and artillery, as it will not be at all cost effective against them.

It doesn't matter whether your opponent stands and fights your army or tries to destroy the Rig (because the Rig costs less than two Predators and he will probably lose at least that much trying to destroy it), because either way you have the advantage, making the Rig a very useful unit in the right situations.

Note that when fighting a mixed army, you should be sure to target units with the Rig, just like you would any other unit, because its attack priorities sometimes get mixed up, and it will fire on infantry instead of vehicles.