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Tip of the Week #58 - Fanatics

By ^Cerby- - 27th May 2009 - 02:28 AM

Fanatics are the best vehicle counter Nod has to offer. These maniacal marauders stop at nothing short of total annihilation of their target. They are fast and very dangerous for all infantry and vehicles because of their hari kari style, wreaking madness and mayhem wherever they are employed. Upgrade them with Tiberium infusion and you will turn a mad mob into frenzied fiends. They are good against structures too.

IPB Image
  • They cost 700$
  • They are trained out from the Barracks
  • An Operations Center is needed to train them
  • There is one upgrade: Tiberium Infusion
IPB Image

Let's talk about Fanatics and their use against units. They are basically melee units. They are quick and useful in certain situations. Vehicles can do very little against them unless it is an anti-infantry vehicle even then they are not immune versus Fanatics. Infantry however, has a much better chance to stop these renowned suicidal maniacs. Units like Snipers, Shadow Teams or Riflemen can kill them easily if they are numerous. These melee units will help you in an all out, no holds barred situation. You should combine these units with tanks or your other infantry, otherwise Fanatics in their frenzy, will get killed faster than they can deal death.

Fanatics can destroy buildings upon impact, as they are basically human bombs, which explode on contact, but using them for this purpose may not put much stress on your opponent, not as much as it would, if they are used against tanks. Therefore, donít lose fanatics against structures as its not a sort of job they or you would like. They are tank busters and seem to take a liking towards this role. For structures, you can always use your other units like the Black Hand for instance. Fanatics cannot be suppressed

IPB Image

There is one upgrade for Fanatics :

IPB ImageTiberium Infusion : 2000$
This upgrade protects the Fanatics against Tiberium damages and improve their health. It's helpful on some maps like The Rocktagon (with the big Tiberium field in the center)

And to round off this Tip of The Week, have a look at this wonderful VoD illustrating how to use Fanatics by PANCZASU.

Thanks to Maverick199, X-Flame for their contributions and PANCZASU for his awesome VoD.

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