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Tip of the Week #17 - Countering MCV Rushes

By MEXICANBROTHER - 13th August 2007 - 21:41 PM


Beating the nod MCV rush is the easiest when you are nod yourself. Almost any build order you do, will counter the MCV rush. The first and most common build order you can do is a 3 man ST rush OR a 4 man ST rush. Either will fully counter it. So you see his MCV walking to your base when your STs spot it. Keep going to his base, use 1 ST to kill the crane, and 2 STs for the power. If you went with 4 STs take out the crane and the operations center. Guess what? Your opponent can't place his war factory due to losing the crane, OR a tower. So if he deploys, capture his MCV before he can que another turret. Or just make a few scorps and begin finishing him off. That was quite simple.

If you went for fast bikes (aka fast war factory) you should find his mcv and damage it a lot or possibly even kill it depending on the map. Even if he makes it to your base, your units are more than enough to kill flame tanks, so you basically just wait it out with your defending units.

If you went MCV rush yourself, see my guide on MCV rushing so you can do it successfully yourself.


For GDI, your best bet is to have gone fast war factory. Which would be PP > Rax > Ref > WF. Or if you do not capture spikes, or there aren't any, Ref > PP > WF. If you see the MCV coming early, this will save you. Simply put your WF as far as possible away from your base/his MCV. You don't want him to capture/flame tank your WF. Just make preds while hes in your base, and WATCH OUT for him selling his MCV and trying to capture your MCV with the engineer he gets. Also watch for raxes near your buildings. Do not spam defenses, get preds asap to his WF. Its all about shutting down his WF, or atleast ensuring any units that pop out die immediately.

If you went fast WF, you might have been doing the engineer/APC rush. In which case, if you hotkeyed your engineers, you can probably take a building at his base AND one of the buildings he has in your base. He will have a turret, but you can go behind a building forcing him to make another. Also, turrets have a delay time, so you can wait till it shoots at your APC, then unload and capture a building before the next reload.

If you went crane, you will be in a tight spot, but not impossible. You can either spam defenses without a WF, or try for a WF at your expansion or as far as possible away from his WF/MCV. And like above just spam units.


Scrin is a lot like GDI, except you probably would have gone for spikes, giving you a lot more money to deal with it. It also wouldn't hurt as bad when/if he flame tanked your refinery. Scrin's defenses are a lot stronger. 1 Buzzer hive prevents him from capturing anything. And photon cannons do very nice damage to flame tanks. If you can get atleast 3 in the front of his WF, it is essentially useless. As GDI gets preds, you are stuck with seeekers again. Just be careful, and strafe well, because flame tanks do a nice amount of damage to seekers. What's also nice, is that you can move your MCV while GDI can't. Sometimes I like to move my MCV to my enemy's blue, it's far away, safe, and your enemy most likely cannot access it due to low money. It also gives you a second chance if you fail at your main base. Just don't die too quickly if at all otherwise, he will hunt you down. Oh and if you have a bunch of buzzers, send them to attack his crane, 8 or so buzzers actually do nice damage to a nod crane.
    Maps that this counter works on/MCV rush is viable
  • Tournement Rift
  • Tournement Arena
  • Tournement Dustbowl
  • Smalltown USA
  • Barstow Badlands