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Tip of the Week #23 - The Armory

By MEXICANBROTHER - 2nd October 2007 - 05:12 AM

This week we will be taking a closer look into one of GDI’s least used structures, The Armory.
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The Armory costs 1000 credits, and requires only the barracks. The Armory also expands your ground control. The Armory can heal hurt infantry and even regrows fallen members of the unit, making it very useful. The Armory only can heal one unit at a time, however, and this may limit its effectiveness in a fast-paced game.

The armory is relative cheap, and the upgrades (with the exception of the scanner packs) are well worth their price in most cases.

When playing against a NOD player especially, if you see mass infantry you simply must get an Armory and build Sniper Teams. When playing against a Scrin, and your enemy is building Shock Troopers, or you see a Mastermind come out of the portal, get those Snipers up.

What can be built from the Armory?

You can build Snipers as soon as you acquire the Armory, and with your Technology Center you can purchase the GDI Commando.

Upgrades purchased from the Armory:

Composite Armor: This upgrade costs 2000 credits and is completed in 20 seconds.

Increases armor and health of Riflemen, Missile Squads, and Grenadiers. This is very useful if you are using large amount of infantry. Note that it is less effective against Ccrin since the damage from Buzzers and Devastators, Scrin's most potent anti-infantry units, ignore the armor bonus.

Scanner Packs: Costs 1000 credits and is completed in 30 seconds.

Increases Zone Trooper line of sight, and detects stealthed units. Unless you are dealing with stealthed units, this upgrade is not particularly useful.

Power Packs: Costs 2000 credits, and is completed in 1 minute.

Upgrades Zone Troopers with more Health, and also heals the Zone Troopers while they are idle (if one or more of the men are dead this will limit the overall health of the Zone Trooper). Having Power Packs will also increase the Zone Trooper firing range.

Support Powers:

GDI Airborne: Costs 1500 credits.

This power sends 2 Veteran Riflemen, and 2 Veteran Missile Squads to target location via Ox Transport. This support is particularly useful when taking advantage of garrisonable buildings or the Riflemen's "Dig-in" ability, and can in fact be planted right in an empty base (unless they are Scrin, in which case buzzer hives would become a problem).