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Tip of the Week #25 - Juggernauts

By MEXICANBROTHER - 15th October 2007 - 02:55 AM

- The Juggernaut is GDI's Artillery unit and can shoot from a far distance which makes them very useful against defensive structures such as the Obelisk of Light, Storm columns, and Sonic emitters.

- The Juggernaut also has the ability "Bombardment" which is in combination with a Sniper team a very strong way to destroy the opponents buildings!!

- How to use Bombardment: You need 1+ Sniper team(s) at the designated target sight in case you want to use Bombardment, Snipers are stealthed thus able to sneak your Sniper team into your opponents base looking for a target worthy of using this surprise move on.
Using this as a surprise move requires a form of pressure on your opponent that catches all attention this way sneaking in the Sniper team becomes a lot easier, due to the fact Snipers unstealth for a moment when you selected the target for "Bombardment" therefor the distraction/pressure on your opponent becomes vital when using Bombardment in case you want it to be a success.
TIP: The closer the Sniper team is to the target the more accurate the Juggernaut fires it's Bombardment
Since NOD is able to make disruption towers, and the Sniper can detect stealth they can be of great use especially in long distance fire.

- Utilizing the Juggernaut so it becomes much more effective:
The Juggernaut is not a fast moving unit and it is much like the avatar it can not shoot while walking, therefor using this slow moving unit to the maximum is pretty difficult, teaming your Juggernauts can drastically increase it's use. It's range is very useful when your opponent is building up base defenses and using it in combination with predators/apc's/rocket-squads/mammoths can drastically increase your odds of using Juggernauts in success.
Timing of using a Juggernaut is also vital because it can easily be revived using a saboteur/engineer/assimilator. And you don't want your opponent to have a unit you payed 2200$ for right!? Therefor protecting your Juggernauts is very important.

- You can also use Sniper teams in a Ox-transports to fire the Juggernauts ability "Bombardment" this also increases the Sniper+Juggernauts attack sight and you don't have to be to close to the target, like when Sniper teams are on the ground.
This way you have a good escape when your Sniper team gets exposed.

- As of 1.09, the Juggernaut got a lovely 25% attack range buff but no shroud clearing range buff. Thus, the use of scout units like snipers is needed to maximize the effectiveness of your Juggernaut's attack range.

NOTE: you can not use the snipers you use from the support power and use "call for transport ability" than use Bombardment for some reason it wont allow you to use bombardment in the air when you use those snipers.