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Tip of the Week #29 - Corrupters and Devourers

By MEXICANBROTHER - 12th November 2007 - 02:30 AM

This is a guide on how to make very cost efficient use of the Corruptor and the Devourer Tank. The combination of these units can devastate a large force, and cost a lot less to make than your opponent's force did. Making effective use of this combination can be difficult, and will take practice.


The Devourer Tank cost 1,400 credits and deals a little bit less damage than the Predator Tank. It has about the same hp as the Predator Tank, and can crush infantry. It has 350 range, which is the longest non-artillery range of a vehicle in the game. It is only matched by the Tripod and the Avatar in range, which both have 350 range. You can select the Devourer Tank and right click on a patch of Tiberium to 'supercharge' it. Supercharging a Devourer Tank will get it 10 extra range, making it 360.

IPB Image
This supercharge gives it about 50% more attack power, making it quite a bit stronger than the Predator Tank. You charge it at a patch of Tiberium or your Extractor, though the Extractor charge seems to be a bit bugged and not always works. It will drain about 100 credits from you, if you charge it at the Extractor. I heard that it makes a Tiberium patch less valuable, if you charge it at one, but I am not sure. A patch of Tiberium will not shrink or disappear from you charging your Devourer Tanks at it.

Now that you know the basics of the Devourer Tank, it is time to talk about tactics that you can use against your opponent by making use of its 350 range and its supercharge ability.

The Devourer Tank is easy to maneuver. It can fire while moving, which lets you 'kite' other tanks around. Kiting means to make use of your longer range by attacking your opponent and then backing up, staying out of your opponent's range, but still staying close enough so that your attacks can hit him. If your opponent decides to give chase, then that is good. You will be able to get a bunch of free shots in, because of your range, and your opponent will not be able to harm you.

IPB Image

When charged, the Devourer Tank is stronger than any other Tier 1 or Tier 2 vehicles. The only Tier 1/Tier 2 vehicle that rivals its hp is the Predator Tank, and no non-artillery vehicle in the game has better range than a charged Devourer Tank.

So, if you make use of all the advantages that the Devourer Tank has over other vehicles, then you will be able to make it a cost efficient vehicle/structure destroying machine.


The Corruptor is basically Scrin's version of the Flame Tank, except it cannot fire while moving and deals a lot less damage vs. structures. To make up for this, it can rapidly heal your own infantry and vehicles, if you force fire the Corruptor on them. You can force fire on the ground or your own units/structures by holding the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard and right clicking where you want to fire.

In my opinion, the Corruptor has better anti-infantry capabilities than the Flame Tank, even though it deals less damage. The reason I think this is because it takes less time to aim than the Flame Tank. Rather than slow down and stare at its target for a while, it instantly turns and fires. The Corruptor can quite effectively crush infantry, so don't forget to make use of that function when you see a situation that looks like crushing the infantry might be more effective than firing at them.

The Corruptor can sometimes cause Visceroids to appear when it kills infantry.

IPB Image
TheVisceroids deal hardly any damage, but the game thinks they're worth 1,000 credits. So, killing just 1 Visceroid with a Militant/Rifleman Squad will cause it to become a Veteran. A unit has to kill 3x its cost to get promoted.

In case you're wondering if it really does look like an elephant's head, like it does in that picture, here's a picture showing you what it really looks like:
IPB Image
Now that you know the basics of the Corruptor, I shall now talk about how you can make effective use the Corruptor and the Devourer Tank in combination with each other.

When you attack with your Corruptors and Devourer Tanks, you should have 2-5 Corruptors and 2+ Devourer Tanks. When you see your opponent attacking one of your Devourer Tanks, force fire all your Corruptors onto it so that your opponent cannot kill it. The Corruptors will heal it so rapidly that all the damage your enemy deals to it will be nearly instantly healed.

3 Corruptors and 2 Devourer Tanks can kill 5 Predator Tanks without any of your units being destroyed, as long as you control them properly.
IPB Image
If your opponent used attack move and the damage is being spread out, then try to put 1 Corruptor on each of the units being damaged. Put 2 of them on a unit that is being damaged more than 1 Corruptor can handle.

Your opponent will probably get wise to your strategy and start trying to attack the Corruptors. If that happens, then focus fire all your Corruptors on the Corruptor being attacked. Your opponent will likely switch targets quite often, trying to kill one of your Corruptors or Devourer Tanks before you start to heal it. That is where the difficult part comes in, since you have to be very quick to keep them alive. Practice at it and you should be able to deal with it.

Your Corruptors have a small area of effect in their attack, so you can actually heal multiple units with 1 Corruptor, as long as you have them positioned properly. Here is a picture of this happening with 3 Seekers.

IPB Image
All 3 of those Seekers are being healed at the same time, even though the Corruptors are only focused on 1 Seeker.

Once you have fought your way into your opponent's base and are now near his buildings, you may wish to tell 1 or 2 of your Corruptors to start attacking buildings, while the other Corruptors provide healing and your Devourer Tanks fight off your opponent's vehicles.

If your opponent starts making a lot of Rocket/Missile Squads, then use 'The Swarm' ability, and start try to crush the infantry with your Devourer Tanks.

Attacking with just Corruptors and Devourers will likely not finish off your opponent, but it is a cost efficient way to stall them while you tech up to Tripods and Devastators. Using Corruptors on Tripods is quite effective, too.