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Updated: Tip of the Week #41 - Husk Management

By FuumaMonou - 1st November 2009 - 09:43 AM

One of the gameplay elements that add depth to Command & Conquer 3 is the idea of walker husks: When a walker unit (Juggernaut, Avatar, Annihilator Tripod) is killed, it collapses into a defenseless husk that may be captured. Managing husks correctly or incorrectly often marks the difference between victory and defeat in a close game.

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
Walker husks - defeated, but not useless!

Last update: November 1, 2009
Game: Tiberium Wars 1.09
Author: FuumaMonou


There are three basic things to keep in mind with husks. First off, husks are not armored, so they take full damage from every weapon type. Second, when an Engineer, Saboteur or Assimilator captures an undamaged husk, the walker is revived at half its original health under the control of the player who captured it. (The full health is as follows: Juggernaut: 5000, Avatar: 12500, Annihilator Tripod: 7500.) However, if the husk has been damaged, the revived walker will have relatively less health. Usually, though, if it is possible to capture a husk at all, it will still be undamaged, so the 500 credits spend on the Engineer are well worth it, especially considering the great damage that all walkers deal. Third, unclaimed husks self-destruct automatically after 5 minutes.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind for each faction when it comes to dealing with husks. As a general rule of thumb, remember that you want to capture husks primarily because of the advantage they give you. However, the last thing you want is for your opponent to capture husks, so sometimes it is better to cut your losses and scuttle husks that you have no hope of securing, or to prevent your opponent from reviving his own lost walkers. All too often a near-victory turns into a shameful defeat when your enemy uses his last remaining Barracks to pick up the husks left behind from your assault and turns up at your base when you already counted him dead.


GDI have a field repair unit (the Rig) and some long-range units, which give them pretty decent options for managing husks.
  • You can capture a husk with your Engineer and support it with a Rig as a forward expansion. This way you don't have to march the slow walkers all the way back to your nearest War Factory to get them fully healed. Using your main army as support for your Rig, this is a great way of husk management (and viable, too, for everyone who says the Rig has no use in competitive play).
  • Since husks have no armor, Sniper Teams with their range and stealth are a great option for making sure husks don't fall into the wrong hands. If your opponent has no infantry and you need to fall back, have those Sniper Teams behind your forces and have them pick off the husks.
  • Juggernauts with their range and power are also a nice solution for dealing with husks. Just have one behind your forces that leave husks and pick off the units that fall.
  • The speed and decent power of the Pitbull make it an opportune tool to pick off a few husks quickly.
  • The speed, power, and ammo of the Orca also make it a prime choice for taking out husks.
IPB Image
With a Rig, GDI can swiftly bring a force of fallen walkers back to power.

The Brotherhood of Nod

Nod have a pretty decent advantage in the husk disposal department due to their fast and stealthy units. However, with no form of repairing units in the field, the only way to get captured walkers back to full health is to return them to a War Factory.
  • Venoms (especially when upgraded) are the ideal unit for taking out husks: They move very fast, do not cost much, and fly, which is pretty much the perfect combination, given that husks have no armor.
  • Attack Bikes are very fast and powerful. This makes them also ideal for taking out husks quickly and efficiently.
  • Stealth Tanks are obvious stealthed. They are also fast and powerful, making them yet another ideal unit to take out husks.
  • Shadow Teams are stealthed and quick and deal a lot of (anti-infantry) damage, with which they can rapidly dispose of the unarmored husks.
IPB Image
When capturing is not an option, Venoms clear up unwanted husks quickly.

The Scrin

The Scrin have a great advantage when it comes to capturing and supporting husks. Additionally, they have a few units that work very well for destroying husks that you cannot capture.
  • Remember to buy the Shield upgrade, since any Tripod you capture will regain a full shield instantly.
  • With the Repair Drone support power, you gain instant support and healing for your recaptured husks. Very useful, and this can definitely turn the tide of the battle.
  • Using the Mastermind to teleport in Assilimators is a great way to capture husks quickly and highly efficiently. Your Assimilators are safe, and they don't have to cover much ground.
  • Using three or so Corrupters can give you quick access to massive healing power for recaptured Tripods. This is one of those moves that can swing the momentum for a quick victory to your side.
  • With its quick rate of fire and its ability to fire from three different directions, Annihilator Tripods are ideal for taking out a large number of husks quickly.
  • With the range and spread of shots, Devastator Warships are a good for taking out husks.
  • With high speed and decent firepower, Stormriders make for a great clean-up crew to fly in, take out the husks and get out quickly.
IPB Image
Assimilators can be teleported right next to husks for a surprise comeback.

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