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Command and Conquer 3

1.05 [OoE]Blitz- Vs [FTW]Level

#1Blitz-  Jul 12 2007, 13:31 PM -
this is a cw match vs arecal aka makaveli.

close match with both main bases being destroyed. we were left with our expansions to dish it out in the final battle.

bad call by me at the last part to send my tripods in with little air cover that costed me the game.


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#2nrilya  Jul 12 2007, 14:02 PM -
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very nice game

in the end loosing all those harvester cost ya in recovering i think

atleast worth a 7 if not 8

#3Mountaineer  Jul 12 2007, 14:15 PM -
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Hi, fellow Singaporean!!

just a few observations:

1. floating 2 much at 1 point? 12k$?
2. didnt pump out seekers enough?
3. didnt make enough storm columns @ L base after seeing the tripods?

otherwise, im like a kid looking at 2 giants fighting! awesome! so close!
#4Blitz-  Jul 12 2007, 14:23 PM -
thnx for comments (: and hello fellow singpaorean! storm columns arnt a counter towards tripods. if in any case, the tripods would just own it flat so i'd be wasting 3k just like that. and yes that 1 warf did not pump out seekers fast enough sad.gif

i guess nrilya is right though. i shouldve pulled back my harvesters when my main base was getting hit and sell the structures to recover as much cash as possible. shouldve also flown my drone ship away haha. i was in a hurry at the last part coz i couldnt build anymore structures and i knew that he could.
#5nrilya  Jul 12 2007, 14:46 PM -
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ye exactly, you had way more tripods than him, save harvesters -> more income -> you can build air -> you win

its actually easy to say as observer, I would have probaly not lasted half as long
#6B00M  Jul 12 2007, 16:05 PM -
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I read "Stripped babes " sad.gif
#7Banisher  Jul 12 2007, 17:11 PM -
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Nice game ! GG guys !!!
#8Mountaineer  Jul 12 2007, 17:39 PM -
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what is stopping this close game from being a silver?
#9Leader_Makaveli  Jul 12 2007, 19:03 PM -
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gg was a fun game to play..
#10Blitz-  Jul 13 2007, 02:31 AM -
review pls?
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