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Command and Conquer 3

"Wanted" vs Maze. Crazy back and forth action

#11Maze.  Sep 22 2011, 13:33 PM -
You do realise that preds cost $1100? 1 MCV costs 3 preds and an additional $200. Did you need to have that additional build queue of preds? Not at all, especially since he was just going inf and you went multifactory preds too late so you are never going to build up a critical mass to be able to crush all the inf. You could have easily just kept the pressure on with your manspam, gone 2nd mcv off 1st wf and teched faster and when he started to fend off your manspam he'd be hit in the face by 2 mcv sonics and you'd have 3 fields to his 2 and then you could switch to pretty much anything you wanted to do and won like 4 mins later.

Now here's the thing; I wasn't quite sure what he was up to, as I had no scout of his base whatsoever, so he could have been spamming preds the whole time, but simply kept them back.

And another thing, even if i stopped production of my preds to get that stupid mcv out, it would mean that I'd have way less units, and probably wouldn't be able to hold my line, like i did. Plus I wouldn't be able to handle 2 build ques + 2 sonics + unit production at the same time, especially at the point I was getting dry on tiberium.
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