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Command and Conquer 3

February Ladder Wars Final vs Shoktrepet

Video Type:FPVoD
Players/Teams:sh0cktr34tm3nt, shoktrepet
Discussion for: February Ladder Wars Final vs Shoktrepet

Yo that was ridiculous shock. Side note all random players should show that they were random not the faction they spawn from random. For the records. And as for you shock you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to weild my shadowteams like that. Can i ask are they still bugging out by there machine guns not shooting targets? Or was it just special to me when they would "bug out" and not kill those gosh dang swarms/infantry. Man im never letting that go i lost so much due to that freakin "bug" that would suspiciously MOSTLY only show itself when i would battle supposedly "good players" oh man its making me mad even now again. Its all coming back to me godfreakingdaammit. Yo i just edited one bad f word from godfreakingdaammit because i dont want this post blocked by idiot people claiming im on B.S. when in fact im not the one on B.S. obviously
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Yeah p.s. in the tower match shocktrepet failed those rocket misslemen with the snipers and the snipers with riflemen squads. Goshdarn. You were lucky. had it been my nod v your RANDOM scrin that mastermind scrin commando wouldnt make it out the portal door. Had it made it out the portal door heh heh heh oh man it would have been one for fun. wink wink oh and P.P.S. i didnt even finish watching the arena match because you let the shadowteams die and that was unacceptable. Why were you training harvs at that point? Well actually what i mean to say is instead of harvs you should have been training flame tanks. Shoot might as well at that point you had shock by the unmentionables. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN "FINISHING HIM"
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