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Command and Conquer 4 eSports Coverage


Tiberium Twilight C&C 20th Anniversary 2vs2 Tournament

Friday, 4 Sep 2015
Welcome back, Commanders! GameReplays.org is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Tiberium Twilight C&C 20th Anniversary 2vs2 Tournament, to be held September 6th. If you would like to join the tournament, check out the details and sign-up information below!September 6th 2015 2vs2...

Tiberian Twilight Challenge Tournament

Tuesday, 2 Jun 2015
Welcome back, Commanders! GameReplays.org is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Tiberian Twilight Challenge Tournament, to be held June 8th to June 22nd 2015. If you would like to join the tournament, check out the details and sign-up information below!June 8th to June 22nd 2015 3v3...

3vs3 February Tournament 2013!

Saturday, 2 Feb 2013
Welcome to another great 3v3 Tournament for Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight! It have been a very quiet 2012 but it is looking like a great start for 2013 with new Tournaments coming at your way. We hope to see more of this for future C&C 4!Unfortunately there are no cash prizes as of yet...

3vs3 Tournament Announced!

Wednesday, 26 Dec 2012
As you all know the community has been asking for a 3v3 Tournament for sometime now, so we have decided to give it a shot at running a 3v3 event on the 12th January 2013. The rules are simple and clear to prevent any confusion. May the best team win and remember to have fun! You can ask questions...

The Stand-Alone Tournament Beta - NEXT WEEK!

Saturday, 10 Dec 2011
The Stand-Alone Tournament BETA starts next week!Hello folks!! We are very happy to announce that the BETA for the most awaited 'Stand-Alone Tournament' starts this coming week! This is to test out how the system works, to find rising problems, train our referees and give everyone a...

The Stand-Alone Tournament BETA announced!

Thursday, 1 Dec 2011
Commanders, I hope that you are aware of our concept "The Stand-Alone Tournament". We are happy to announce that because we got very positive feedback, we are going to try it out in "The Stand-Alone Tournament BETA" week. We will test the tournament for only one week, one match every day.This is...

The Stand-Alone Tournament!

Sunday, 27 Nov 2011
We all know that Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is game what is designated for team play. What about those who don't have a team to play with? Who are alone but want to compete or know their ranking? After all, it is team based game so there aren't really many 1 vs 1 going on. But we...

Clan Wars - Updated Rules

Friday, 12 Aug 2011
Commanders,the rules for the C&C4 Clan Wars League are now updated.Just click here to access the rules.The issue with not being able to invite more than 5 players into a clan is now also fixed.The appearance of this article marks the start of the C&C4 Clan Wars League.We hope to see you on the...

2v2 Tournament Notice

Thursday, 9 Jun 2011
Update: Tournament will take place on the 19th June, 5PM (GMT).The 2v2 tournament hosted by gamereplays.org will take place this Sunday 12th, 5PM (GMT). Anyone who is interested in taking part please post here or PM Elven about it. Currently, we have 4 teams registered. We are warning everyone...

2vs2 Tournament Announced!

Sunday, 15 May 2011
Ladies and gentlemen, commanders, we at GameReplays.org are pleased to bring you a long anticipated C&C 4 tournament! This time it's going to be 2v2. We really wanted to present you this a long time ago, but because of the CnCSaga VS Gamereplays tournament we had to delay it.Prize MoneyBecause...