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Player of the Month: K.O.

Thursday, 8 Dec 2011
Howdy Folks! It was a privilege to do this first time writing and some of the community interacted with me to make this more interesting as well.So it is time for the POTM interview to commence, and the community has selected KO to be POTM for November!Kick the tires and let's get this rolling...
Special Feature

Join the C&C 4 Staff Team!

Saturday, 26 Nov 2011
We are currently looking for Strategy Specialists, Commentators, Referees and Writers. As a part of the Tiberian Twilight team, you will have many privileges and responsibilities. It is important that you know and respect the rules of GameReplays.org, and you are friendly and helpful towards...
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AUTUMN SALE on Steam until 28th November!

Thursday, 24 Nov 2011
Good day commander!If you are familiar with Steam then you should know by now that they offer nice sales on good games every once in a while and this time around is once again a nice sale on C&C games.There's an epic sale on C&C titles including C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight at Steam until 28th...
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Special Feature: [1vs1] City Battle Frontline!

Sunday, 13 Nov 2011
Hello commander, today I'll present to you a scripted custom map for Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight. This is nothing you have seen before and I hope it will give you some fun moments.This isn't a 'new' map for myself, because it's been ready for some time but I never had the courage to...
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Command & Conquer 4 has a new expert!

Thursday, 3 Nov 2011
Today, with great pleasure, GameReplays Command & Conquer 4 staff team brings you C&C 4's newest expert, zebrastripes! Zebra has been recognized by her peers as one of the very best C&C 4 players going right now so we're very proud to have her join the expert team. GameReplays own methuselah...
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C&C 4 has a new expert. Who is it?

Thursday, 27 Oct 2011
Dictionary.com defines the word expert as follows: a person who has special skill or knowledge in a particular field; a specialist or authority. GameReplays.org defines an expert as someone who is among the very best in the game such that the rest of us can improve our play simply by watching...

Player of the Month: Sancomm

Saturday, 15 Oct 2011
Because zebrastripes has retired (), Elven has temporarily taken the role of interviewer! This month we have taken into account, yet again, the community interests and thatís why Septemberís Player of the Month is Sancomm! She lives in Australia and thatís why many players might now know her very...
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Player of the Month: arigold

Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011
GameReplays has chosen arigold to feature in this month's Player of the Month. Most will agree that he is one of the best harassers in the game! He has shown us that spams and Bikes do indeed work somehow. His style is quite unique in the way he uses his units and Support powers. Check out the...
Special Feature

C&C 4 Expert Player: Yukkuri

Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011
Yukkuri has been recognized as an expert in C&C 4 by GameReplays! The expert badge is a system used to recognize the player who has proved that he is among the very best and the rest of us would benefit from watching his/her replays if we want to improve. All replays with Yukkuri in them will...

Player of the Month - Zebrastripes

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011
July was a special month in many ways. Mostly because this was the month when actually you, commanders, decided who the best July player was from all of us. As usual, to decide this kind of thing, battles happened, people fought to make their voice count. Many people were trashed and many people...