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Command and Conquer 4

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

Tiberium Collection
Tiberium as we know it is all but gone from the world of Command & Conquer in 2077. Though details remain elusive, the global Tiberium Control Network (TCN) is somehow responsible for removing superficial Tiberium growth. As a by-product, bite-sized Tiberium crystals are delivered onto any given battle ground at regular intervals.

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As usual, Tiberium comes in several variants: Green, Blue and Red. Collecting Tiberium crystals affords the commander access to upgrades. Ordinary Upgrades cost 1 Upgrade Point (UP), the Tier 2 Upgrade requires 5 Upgrade Points and the Tier 3 Upgrade requires 9 Upgrade Points.

A Green Tiberium crystal grants 1 Upgrade Point, a Blue Tiberium crystal grants 2 Upgrade Points. Also a Red Tiberium crystal gives 5 instant Upgrade Points, but Red Tiberium crystals are only available in the Campaign.

Each Tiberium crystal has 500 Hit-points and can be destroyed by force-firing on them.

Collection and transport

Tiberium crystals arrive via skyhook at special drop-off points which are clearly marked on the map. The arrival of a new crystal is also indicated by a blip on the minimap, and finally the crystals themselves are marked by large, colored blobs.

A Tiberium crystal can be collected by any ground unit simply by selecting the crystal as a move target.

A unit that is carrying a Tiberium crystal becomes slowed by 50 %, unable to cliffjump or burrow and gets an armor reduction of 50 %. Stealth units carrying Tiberium will also get revealed to everyone.

Green and Blue Tiberium crystals are cashed in as soon as the unit that carries it enters one of the team's deploy zones (Spawn Zone or captured Uplink Tower). If a unit carrying a crystal is killed, the crystal will be dropped and is available for pickup again.

A unit that is carrying a crystal has two abilities at its disposal:

Drop Tiberium: Drop the crystal, allowing either team to pick it up or destroy it while restoring this unit's speed and abilities.

Detonate Tiberium: Detonate the crystal, destroying this unit and dealing massive damage to nearby friends or foes.

Detonating Tiberium is akin to scuttling the unit, and it takes a similar amount of time. If the unit is destroyed before the Tiberium is detonated, the crystal will still simply drop. However, if the detonation succeeds, it causes an Ion Storm that deals damage to all nearby units and structures (even Stealth or Burrowed ones). The effect duration is significantly longer for a Blue Tiberium crystal.

Returning Tiberium

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Tiberium crystals must be returned to any valid deploy zone. This can be either your starting deploy zone, or (usually preferably) the deploy zone around a captured Uplink Tower. Holding an Uplink Tower near a Tiberium drop point may be a valuable strategic asset!

There is a Tip about Tiberium Collection.