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Command and Conquer 4

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

C&C 4 Glossary of Terms


General Abbreviations

  • aoe = Area of effect. Used to describe splash damage which target an area rather then a single unit.
  • b or back = Retreat or run away, in reference to your Spawn.
  • bot = Bottom part of the map. Usually said at game start. "Me bot def"
  • cd = Cool-down, the time it takes before you may use the same ability again.
  • dmg = Damage.
  • def or fend = Defend, used to reference Uplinks or Node Control.
  • dot = Damage over time.
  • dps = Damage per second.
  • gg = Good game.
  • glhf = Good luck, have fun.
  • hp = Hit points/health.
  • lol = Laughing out loud.
  • lvl = Level.
  • mid = Middle Node, usually said to go directly towards middle Node in the map.
  • pub or pubbie = Public Game or Public Player, often referring to "That random kid in your game".
  • re = Usually used to notify you just Respawned. For instance 'where the f*** are you?', 'I just re'.
  • alt = A good Player who plays with a new account with a different unknown name.
  • top = Top part of the map. Usually said at game start, if you are going to go Top. "Me top sup"
  • exp or xp = Experience.

C&C 4 Specific

  • sp = support points/powers
  • pp = power points
  • cp = command points
  • vp = Victory points
  • tib = Tiberium
  • off = Offense Class
  • def = Defense Class
  • sup = Support Class
  • aa = anti-air, for instance; 'I need aa help!'.
  • nuke = Nod Super Weapon. Temple of Nods ability to shoot a Nuclear Missile.
  • smurf = A good Player who plays with a new account with a different unknown name.
  • decom = Decommissioning a Unit or Crawler

Armor Types

  • Light = Light Armored Units Weak to Gun
  • Medium Ground = Medium Armored Ground Units Weak to Cannon
  • Air/Medium Air = Basic Air Units Weak to Rockets
  • Heavy = Heavy Armored Units/Tier 1 Turrets Weak to Laser
  • Reinforced = Structures/Garrisons Weak versus Blast

C&C 4 Related Terms

Tib Deny
Detonating/destroying enemy Tiberium.

Directions where to go on the map.

Spawn Camping
When a Player deploys in own main Spawn Zone and never moves his/her Crawler out from Spawn.

Spawn Killing
Usually late-game if your opponent have reached Tier 3 before you and also have a big map control, then they can go pure artillery units and kill your Spawn Turrets for further easy Victory Points.

Crawler Drop
Spawning a Crawler to drop and kill enemy units in your Spawn.

Crawler Hunting
Usually a Player who dedicates all his time to only 'hunt' enemy Crawlers, usually this Player builds only Laser equipped units and searches the map for vulnerable enemy Crawler targets.

Usually a Player who carelessly sets the Crawlers Way-point cursor at or behind enemy units, keeps building units who drive through enemy armies and gets killed by enemy units. Hence feeding the opponent with free Victory Points for each easy kill. Usually that Player with very low K/D.

Originally a term from the Beta Stage when Victory Points decreased while losing. When the opponent had captured all five Control Nodes your Victory Points would decrease rapidly, hence the term 'bleeding'. You would bleed to death basically. However, in the retail version these Victory Points increase while winning, but the term can still be used at the same time. When the opponent has five Nodes in their control the opposite Faction is 'bleeding' to death.

Shortening and alternative names on Support Powers

- Original name - Shortening/alternative name

  • Accelerated Construction = AC
  • Battle Hardening = Promotion Power
  • EMP Mine Drop = Mine Drop
  • Firehawk Airstrike = Firehawk Strike/Airstrike
  • Point Defense Shields = Shields
  • Seismic Disturbance = Earthquake
  • Sonic Artillery = EMP Arty/Artillery Strike
  • Tech Support = Engy Drop
  • Cloaking Field = Stealth Field
  • EMP Countermeasures = EMP Counter
  • Eyes of the People = EotP
  • Hand of Legion = HoL
  • Mark of Kane = MoK
  • Risen Monolith = Megalisk/Monolith
  • Subterranean Strike = Drills
  • Tiberium Infusion = Tib Infusion

~ Thanks to Incia