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Nod Cyborg Commando

Cyborg Commando

  • Designation: CLASSIFIED
  • Affiliation: Nod
  • Introduced: CLASSIFIED
  • Class: Offense
  • Armament: OL-71 "Pilum" Laser
  • Type: Infantry
  • Speed: Medium-Fast
In the early 21st century Nod developed an artificial intelligence so advanced that it nearly conquered the world in Kane's absence. CABAL was dangerous enough to humanity that GDI and Nod were forced to band together to defeat it. The successful alliance against CABAL would later serve as a crucial argument in Kane's plan to once again unite Nod and GDI under the banner of peace, this time to build a Tiberium Control Network that could salvage the Earth from certain ecological devastation.

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While CABAL's core may have been destroyed, its advancements in cybernetic and computer technology remained largely intact. Finding himself with millions of loyal but poorly trained soldiers, Kane began to fall behind in the war of attrition with GDI's superior military organization. Kane used CABAL's advances in cybernetics to repair the broken bodies of his fallen minions, and called these fortunate souls the Marked of Kane. From that time on, the Marked of Kane featured prominently in Kane's strategic maneuverings.

Cyborg Commandos are the most advanced of Nod's cybernetic forces. They enjoy cutting edge power-cores able to sustain powerful weaponry, improved resiliency from alloys derived from Scrin technology, and above all the willpower to fight on regardless of the damage they sustain. They lead from the front, attacking the largest enemy targets first, bringing them down with the catastrophic flair so often associated with Kane's order. Some operations call for more subtlety, in which case Commandos are outfitted with stealth generators and deployed behind enemy lines, often with the goal of destroying unprotected installations before security forces have a chance to react. Even when they are severely damaged in battle they are able to pull themselves onward, often commandeering enemy vehicles for transportation and weaponry when their own bodies fail. With these fearsome capabilities, it is no wonder that the mere glimpse of a single Cyborg Commando on the battlefield makes most soldiers flee in fear, as they would rather be court-martialed for desertion than face certain death.

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More Machine than Man
Some rare soldiers see their cybernetic bodies destroyed in combat again and again, each time learning from their experiences. The cost of connecting the brain to a new body is high, and as the Commando's humanity fades, both his insanity and his zeal increase. The Cyborg Commando is equipped with the weapons befitting a frontline warrior, including the OL-71 "Pilum" Laser. This weapon is directly connected to the Commando's power core, bypassing the charge-up time needed for other laser weapons. This allows the Commando to strike surprisingly fast, often before enemy forces can react to defend themselves.

Lone Wolf
While they may be the pinnacle of military technology, Commandos also come from a heritage of self-reliance, absolute loyalty, and ruthless efficiency. Quite often they become disassociated with the world around them, as they lose their sense of taste, smell and touch when their nervous system is replaced by a fiber-optic computerized network. Often unable to relate to other humans, even their own comrades in arms, Commandos operate alone, and so are well suited to deep-strike operations. By connecting a miniature stealth generator to their specially designed power core, Cyborg Commandos can slip into ambush positions or support other Nod efforts behind enemy lines, even if the task requires months without food, water or sleep.

Cyborg Commandos are created from soldiers who have fallen on the field more than once, thus proving that they have the willpower to charge forth regardless of the damage wrought upon their bodies. This fierce inner-strength is combined with top-tier cybernetic technology to allow Commandos to carry on even when they have been badly damaged in combat. Able to crawl forward using whatever limbs remain after receiving damage in combat, Commandos carry themselves towards the enemy lines relentlessly. The very sight of this is enough to unnerve most conventional soldiers, and invigorate Nod loyalists to feats of bravery. Upon reaching an enemy vehicle, the Commando can use its super-human strength to tear open the hatch and eliminate the crew. Once in control of the crew compartment, it can instantly use its hijack system to gain control of the vehicle and turn it against its allies.

Source: Nod Cyborg Commando Unit Profile