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Operation Discord Launched!

By Elven - 14th January 2017 - 15:24 PM

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Greetings Commander!

Tiberium has taken hold of our planet and the worst part is that there are new aliens here. They call it forgotten. When we first learned about it, there were many of us. Remember Commander Krusher99? He was the best until he was invited to Overwatch. However, forgotten are winning and we are losing this war and many commanders are missing. That is why our command centre, gamereplays.org, has activated protocol “CNC4-EXTINCTION-TERMINATION-5152” and we had to dig out our backup operation, which might save us against forgotten. We call it Operation Discord.

What is Operation Discord?
Operation discord has only one purpose, to get our ranks together and get stronger. It doesn’t matter if that is GDI or ex-NOD player. It doesn’t matter if he is an old war veteran or a newbie who still doesn’t understand that they shouldn’t mass-order those mammoths. We need to stick together to beat forgotten or else, we truly will be forgotten.

In case you want to know what discord is exactly, you can read about it here!

Why we launched Operation Discord?
We can’t argue against the fact that the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Twilight remaining commander arsenal isn’t really big. It is especially harsh when you have no other commanders to fight side-by-side. However, we are creating a unit called Discord Channel, where we can organise fighting, teach others who aren’t that good and tell others when they need back up.

What is exactly discord?
Discord is a free voice and text chat system designed specifically for gaming. Discord brings gaming communication out of the stone age. It's free, easy to use, and with you even while you are AFK. We shouldn’t use stone age equipment if we have huge mammoths shooting rocketry or scorpion-like tanks what shoots lasers.

What to do to be part of Operation Discord?
We recommend you download a discord app, make an account and then join the chatroom via the huge picture link below. I think it is hard to miss. Discord also supports mobiles and tablets, but once you have connected to it via one account, it is available on all accounts. In case you are not sure if you want to be online all the time and you do not want to install the software, discord also have a web edition of their application, so you can just use that from your web browser without installing anything at all.

Mission summary
We really think that this game is a magnificent tactical game like none other. However, since there aren’t many of us left, it would be cool if you, commander, would assist us and help this operation become a success. This is a voluntary operation, which means, if more people join us, the more fun it is for all of us. I hope you'll be aboard because this might be the last desperate mission we have left.

Good luck commander!

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