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C&C 4 Effective Turtle Guide

By Doctor Müller - 10th April 2010 - 00:56 AM

Turtle players have always been the underdog in C&C games. In previous games you simply took map control, out-ecoed a turtler and then steam-rolled him with superior numbers. In C&C4 however these are all problems from the past, there are no resources, you have four allies to help you control the map and the Command Point-system prevents you from being outnumbered. Even better, base defenses allow you to command even more fire-power than any other class. Simply said: Turtling is hot in C&C4! But how exactly can you take full advantage of all that potential? This guide will explain it all.

Where to pick your turtle spot

Picking the right spot to turtle is the most important step in turtling, get it wrong and all your time and effort will be for naught. No one has use for you guarding an empty patch of earth on an open plain. A lot of maps have areas that were designed to set up a defensive perimeter, other places are important to guard for victory like a TCN node. Here's a list of thing to determine if you've scouted a good defensive location in order of importance.
  • The defense point is on the opponent's half of the map or near their front-line.
  • The location is a choke point.
  • The location is a TCN node or near one. The TCN node is also on the opponent's half of the map or the central node.
  • There are Artillery Turrets or an Uplink node near your location.
  • There is a Blue Tiberium Crystal drop nearby.
  • The location is on high ground with natural garrisons.
The more points your location fits the better it is.
Of course this order of importance might change during the game, remember that a good player knows how to adept to every situation instead of clinging to pre-made strategies.

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A Bad turtle spot, you could wait forever and still the enemy would never come

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A Good turtle Spot, Supported by two artillery batteries at a choke point near the opponent's spawn zone. The enemy is... ow there they are!