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Map Guide: Disputed Depot

By Bardman - 8th August 2010 - 16:11 PM

GameReplays.org Map Guide: Disputed Depot

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In this guide we will be providing you with the basic strategies to achieve success on this map. To keep it simple it is written from one team's perspective only (GDI), but as the map is a mirror, the same strategies apply to Nod (although the zones and directions will need to be flipped).
This is not a must follow strategy, this tip is made to give an idea on what elements people have to focus when following a specific tactic on a map, we encourage people to use variations in tactics but do pay attention to all aspects described in the tactics provided in this tip.

1. Basic Map Data

The following table lists the basic data points for Disputed Depot.

Blue drop points:2
Green drop points:2
Tech structures
Uplink Towers:2
Artillery Turrets:2
Anti-Air turrets:0
Mutant Hovel:0
Tiberium core stations2

So, lets take a look at these figures. Its only a medium sized map, and as you can see from the top down view above, there are plenty of ramps to the raised sections, so mobility is unlikely to be a major factor.

With regards to Tiberium, there are only 2 Green Tiberium drop zones, so the 2 Blue Tiberium drop zones become very important (refer hints section of the Tiberium guide) - Green Tiberium crystals spawn twice as often as Blues, control of 2 Greens is often better than 2 Blues due to smaller distance between drop-off points, the Green point is often neglected while it is rather simple to "steal" a Green Tiberium.

2 Uplink Tower and Artillery Turret clusters located close to the Blue Tiberium drop zones are also likely to be important. No Anti-Air or Mutant Hovel mean these tech structures do not come into play.

Lastly, 2 Tiberium Core Stations, 1 located south west of node 1, and 1 located north east of node 5 will be a useful source source of veteran levels for savvy players (refer section 4 below).

2. Strategic Zones

So, what are the zones of the map you should be aiming to control in order to win? As the game progresses, this will largely boil down to control of the nodes. In early game, however, there are two key areas, zone A and zone B, which are marked out on the diagram below.

IPB Image

Full control of these two zones in early game will provide a significant strategic advantage.

Zone A contains a lot of points of strategic interest:
  • 1 Tiberium control node (node 2)
  • 1 Uplink Tower close to the western Blue Tiberium and which will allow crawler respawns (not a significant benefit as this is not far from the original spawn zone)
  • 1 Artillery Turret with good reach from the north west (firing on anyone attacking from the western Blue Tiberium) all the way through to the south east, including coverage of the Uplink Tower
  • 1 Blue Tiberium drop zone
  • 1 Green Tiberium drop zone
Zone B has very similar points of strategic interest:
  • 1 Tiberium control node (node 1). Beyond the potential for victory points, control of this node is also important to minimise the chance of players from zone A or your spawn zone being flanked if they come to support zone B
  • 1 Uplink Tower close to the eastern Blue Tiberium, the northern Green Tiberium, and which will allow crawler respawns a long distance from the original spawn zone
  • 1 Artillery Turret which provides good coverage of the Uplink Tower and the eastern Blue Tiberium, whilst also firing close to node 4
  • 1 Blue Tiberium drop zone
Control of these two zones should be an immediate priority for your team. Tiberium drop zones and Uplink Towers means quick advancement up the tech tree, as well as providing useful locations for crawler respawn, and the Artillery Turrets boost your teams strength when these zones are attacked.