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Command and Conquer 4

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C&C 4 Replay of the Month

By Incia - 31st March 2012 - 15:07 PM

Greetings commanders! We are back with the Replay of the Month series! This month, our action-packed featured Replay is a 5vs5 on the famous map Ice Station Omega! Sonic Artilleries and Nukes will fall for sure. There's plenty of great team-play and strategical situations that go back and forth in this Replay.

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Ice Station Omega

IPB Image
Blue drop points: 2
Green drop points: 2

Tech structures
Nodes: 5
Uplink Towers: 3
Artillery Turrets: 0
Anti-Air turrets: 0
Mutant Hovel: 0
Refueling Stations: 4

Ice Station Omega is a quite familiar map, it had the first Hall of Fame Replay here on this section too and now it has hosted another epic battle for this months Replay of the Month. Below, you'll see some of the eye-candy within this Replay, be sure to check out the Replay so you can witness them all over and over again.

Flame Columns guarded by heavy Shields while GDI Paladins and Armadillos try to push through, who will succeed?

Nasty Tier 3 units hit the battle relatively early in this match, and oh look at those flying fireballs of destruction. GDI tries to fight back with Sonic artillery shells which disables the Nod Crawler!

Nod hijacks a GDI Mastodon while a GDI Crystal Shield Stasis Field catches the Mastodon and Nod Crawler at the same time, while Incinerator Towers and Nukes burn the heretic GDI army!

If you are too lazy to check out the replay at hand then you can take out some popcorn and watch this fine VoD by our very own ZodiacHeadlock here: