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C&C 4 Tip of the Week #1: Tiberium Collection

By x ScoPeZz - 30th March 2010 - 15:30 PM

Welcome to Command & Conquer 4 Tiberium Twilight's Tip of the Week series! This week is all about Tiberium Crystals and the advantages they can offer you by using them correctly.

C&C 4 offers a whole new way of using Tiberium, this time you don't need to harvest Tiberium in massive loads in order to purchase your units and structures! In Command and Conquer 4 you collect Tiberium in order to gain upgrade points for upgrades. Upgrade points enable you to unlock a variety of different things from upgrading your units range, speed, accuracy, and health. Most importantly Tiberium will give you access to new tech levels, once you have unlocked them of course.

First off, there are 2 different types of Tiberium Crystals, one being blue and the other being green. The green Tiberium is worth 1 Upgrade point (as well as 10 Victory Points) whereas blue is worth 2 Upgrade points (or 20 Victory Points.) Green Tiberium crystals will always be the first to spawn and there should be at least 1 green Tiberium Crystal that will spawn close to each teams deploy zones. Blue Tiberium will be spawn a little while after the first green Tiberium had spawned and blue Tiberium would typically be spawned somewhere in the middle of the map at each sides, hence a battle may be needed in order to secure that extra juice.

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Collecting Tiberium is as easy as selecting any ground unit and moving him over to the collection zone and picking it up. All you must do from here is run that unit back into your deploy zone where you started off, or closer if you have captured a uplink tower which provides a deploy close which would be closer to you. Once the Tiberium had reached your deploy zone the Tiberium will be automatically stored. There is a fixed time interval between Tiberium drops, 1 minute for green and 2 minute for blue. The drop zones on the minimap flashes when a Tiberium crystal is dropped, giving you & your enemy a notification that it is time to harvest! It is important to develop a consistent habit of collecting Tiberium because every time you collect it, it also gives your team the same points too as well it provides victory points for your team, so remember to collect Tiberium even if you don't need it.

Engineer picking up Tiberium. The red circle represents where to return the Tiberium.
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The last thing you should know is that Tiberium also has one more use, a good use at that too. When a unit is carrying Tiberium they have an option to drop it at anytime, AND an option to detonate it! Tiberium that gets detonated in the correct zone will tear an army apart in seconds, it brings a thunder storm onto the location where it was detonated which will kill most units in 1 shot, however it doesn't last that long but still very effective when you find yourself running into trouble.

Note: Detonating Tiberium will still effect you and your teams units, so make sure you are prepared to take the damage before you do it.

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One more thing.....whatever unit you use to collect Tiberium know that it slows that unit down significantly. This means you must protect that unit and it also presents an opportunity to harass your opponents collection efforts thereby slowing their path up the tech tree.

Never forget the importance of collecting Tiberium Crystals they are the key to every victory in C&C 4.

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