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C&C 4 Tip of the Week #6 - Burrowed Units

By Jackofspades0 - 7th May 2010 - 20:14 PM

It is important to know how to use your army to it's full potential, and when it comes to units which can hide underground there's a few things you need to know about using them well. The Scorpion Tank, for example, can be very useful if you use this ability right. Here's the three units that have this ability we will focus on in this guide:

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> Scorpion Tank (Right). Offense Class. Medium Tank, Strong versus Heavy.
> Spider Tank (Middle). Offense Class. Light Tank, Strong versus Heavy.
> Reckoner (Left). Defense Class. Medium Tank, use the correct infantry for the counter.

Remember the Reckoner can only burrow after you have purchased the tier 3 upgrade mostly in the late game.

Here's the advantages of Burrowed Units and how to use them:

1. You can move around undetected.

From time to time you might find that the opposing team captures a Control Node and leaves it alone to go fight battles elsewhere on the map. You only need one unit to take it back, but sometimes it's just hard to reach because of all the enemy units roaming around all over the map. Build a scorpion or spider tank and send it underground. It can be usefull to move along the edges of the maps to avoid enemy contact. When you reach the Node, resurface and take it back. This can be extremely annoying for your enemies. When they finally get the time to send something to kill your tank, escape underground. You have just gained some valuable points for your team.

Recommended Unit: Spider Tank.
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Because if thier low cost and burrowing ability, Spider Tanks are ideal to take back undefended nodes.

2. You can traverse cliffs with burrowed units.

There is nothing as boring (or frustrating) as watching your army of units walking around a cliff to reach an area where some serious fighting is going on. One way to reach it quickly is to send some units underground and pop up on the other side of the cliff. You might also catch your enemy off guard and it's usually a good idea to surface behind the enemy units (remember they take more damage from behind). Nothing will make your team mate happier than your enormous army of Reckoners that came from no where, helping out to take back a node.
Recommended Unit: Reckoner.
IPB Image
Traverse Cliffs and reach Nodes quickly to lock them down with Reckoners loaded with Infantry

3. You can catch your enemies off guard.

Like a defense crawler can lock down narrow entries to a certain part of the map, so can units with the burrowing ability. When an army moves through such a narrow passing there is a good chance that only one or two enemy units can pass through and attack at a time. Hiding a big, ugly underground army on the other side can be a nasty surprise for your enemy. You'll have several tanks fighting fewer tanks which can cause some serious problems for the opposing player, especially in games with a high fatality rate.
Recommended Unit: Depends on what needs to be countered. For heavy units use Scorpion or Spider Tanks. For Medium, Light or a mixed army use Reckoners with the correct units for the counter.

Do not forget about the Scorpion Tank's Claw Crab ability. If a Scorpion Tank gets hold of an enemy tank it can't move or attack for that period of time and unless it gets saved, it's as good as dead. This is pretty easy to avoid for the opposing player. If he moves his tanks around it can be really hard for your Scorpion to get hold of them. You need the catch them by surprise. This can be done with the burrowing ability:
1. Find a few tanks camping around a Node or any other area/tech structure. Make sure there's nothing else there that might cause some trouble like aircraft or infantry.
2. Match the number of the tanks you are going to attack. If you see five hunter tanks, send five Scorpion Tanks to get the job done.
3. Burrow your tanks underground and send them towards the enemy, surfacing right next to them.
4. With a few quick clicks you can catch your enemy of guard and grab a tank for each Scorpion you have.
5. Watch with an evil smile on your face as your tanks take care of the rest without the enemy firing a single shot at you.

Recommended Unit: Only the Scorpion Tank has the Claw-Grab Ability.
IPB Image
The Scorpion's Sting: Catch your enemies off guard and deal some great damage.

4. Some more info about Burrowed Units.

Do not ignore the burrowing ability if your going to build Scorpions, Spider Tanks or Reckoners. When your not busy fighting, keep your units underground all the time. Move around underground to avoid being spotted easily. When your defending a node with a bunch of Reckoners, keep them underground unless something comes along. This might cause some people to send smaller armies than what's really needed to take back a node.
Then something to remember about Scorpion- and Spider Tanks. They are good at killing Heavy units. Do not build a thousand of them when your enemy is spamming hunters. Use Spider Tanks in huge numbers when taking out heavy units and use the Scorpion's Claw-Grab ability when your stuck fighting a bunch of medium or light units, or escape underground.

5. Burrowed Units: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

The Good: All of the above.
The Bad: Remember, when your burrowed unit gets detected by the enemy, you can't fire back if they start shooting at you. Still try to avoid enemy contact when moving underground. You need to micro them well and make good decisions when deciding when to surface or to remain underground.
The Ugly: GDI Soldier: "Commander! We are surrounded by burrowed units!"
GDI Commander: "Excellent! Now we can attack in any direction!"

And that's that. Remember Nod is all about sneaky tactics. You must use it correctly to achieve great success with them. Make Kane proud Commander! Use your burrowed units to their full potential and have fun on the battlefield!

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